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Here we share our expertise on custom web development, IT outsourcing, and other matters that we are knowledgeable about.

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Correct and Efficient Vuex Using. Part II

In the previous part of the article, we devoted you to working with Vuex in some details. Here you can familiarize yourself with other components, as well as with the benefits of work and draw your own conclusions. Also, we will talk about different components, applications, and details of the Vue.js technology in our next posts.

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Programmatic Content Marketing in the B2B Segment

Good content makes customers loyal, forms a positive brand image, and raises sales in the long term. But it only works if content reaches its target audience. To bring together prospective clients and relevant messages content marketing platforms are used. Learn how they can improve campaigns of marketing agencies, media buyers, and companies.

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Why we love and choose Ruby instead of Node.js?

Choosing between Node.js and Ruby on Rails, when choosing a development platform, is a core decision. That affects how the project unfolds over time, and how much server resources will be needed. Both languages can support web applications of high complexity, but each has its advantages and disadvantages. Knowledge of these pros and cons will help to choose the best solution for the proposed project. Let's analyze in more detail and tell you about our choice and experience.

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How to integrate Netvisor to Shopify and simplify the company's business processes

Thousands of new online businesses created daily. Dozens of different platforms work like real mega plants to meet the needs of humanity. In recent years, the Shopify occupies a leading position in the market and continues to gain momentum. Shopify's functionality is expanding rapidly, but sometimes even it's not enough. We want to show how you can integrate the accounting Netvisor to your newly made e-shop and what benefits you get at it.

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Native Advertising. Features and Future

It happened to everyone that when reading an exciting and fascinating article, then suddenly you realize that this is not an article at all, but only a skillfully veiled advertisement. How can you feel at such a moment? Indeed, sometimes, what is read evokes positive emotions and forms a reasonable opinion about the advertised company. But it is also likely that you can feel cheated because you spent several minutes of your life reading an ordinary advertisement. All these are tricks of the phenomenon called native advertising.

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What is Docker? Why is it important and necessary for developers? Part I

Docker is a program that allows the operating system to run processes in an isolated environment based on specially created images. Even though the technologies underlying Docker appeared before him, it was Docker who revolutionized how the infrastructure of projects is built today, and services are assembled and launched.

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