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What Does MVP Stand For?

MVP is a software product intended to test a hypothesis of an app. Includes a minimum set of features sufficient for the market launch. Aimed to collect feedback from the first users and to set the direction for further development.

  • Early Launch

    Reduce time to market and get feedback from early customers owing to only a few core functions realization.

  • Affordable Price

    Spend the reasonable amount of money for the working product that already can attract customers and investors.

  • Concept Check

    Verify your app hypothesis on the ground before wasting time and money on the features customers don't need.

MVP Programming

The MVP is a strategy that may be used as a part of Blank's customer development methodology that focuses on continual product iteration and refinement based on customer feedback.

  • push
  • drive
  • race
MVP CASE – Calcus.Tech
Content distribution platform designed for managing content marketing and native advertising campaigns. Delivers text, graphics, and video content to relevant media according to targeting settings and budget. Integrates with AdForm and Google Analytics.
Olli Maila, Owner
I heard of the Amoniac development team from another Finnish company and their feedback was positive. I reached out to Amoniac, and our communication went very smoothly. So, I preferred them to several Finnish developers I was considering. The task I’ve placed before Amoniac was automatization of our content marketing platform. Since I’ve never faced any development process before Amoniac’s experience in that field turned very helpful. I appreciate their responsiveness and speed of delivery. I see the result and like it. Guys definitely deserve to be recommended.
MVP CASE – Cloud Checker
Cloud Checker is a service that allows you to analyze cloud services and optimize their use. Cloud Checker shows the possible amount that a user can save when switching to a lower rate, which does not affect the performance of systems that use this cloud account.
Ruslan Dautov, CEO
The platform has already attracted both users and investors. Amoniac OU provided prompt responses and comprehended the job at hand quickly. They deftly handled geographic separation and had a deep understanding of project requirements.
MVP CASE – Bezala
Automated expense claims platform that records corporate expenses via desktop or mobile interface. Integrates with e-invoicing platforms of Finland, Norway, and Sweden. Accelerates the reimbursement process and reduces accounting costs.
Fredrik Teir, CEO and Founder
When the Amoniac guys contacted me, I had the prototype that didn’t work as I expected and a lot of ideas to implement. We reached an understanding, and they allocated the development team for my project, which was really comfortable to work with. The guys re-wrote my mobile app and wrote specs on the existent code. They helped me filter and prioritize my insights and then developed new features. Now my app works as I want. I like the guys for their flexibility and openness for new ideas and suggestions. Always a pleasure to work with pros.
Special Offer to Test Our Service
First Working Version Within 10 Days
We will get in touch with you and discuss the app requirements. Among them, we will choose the principal product feature which we will be able to deliver within 10 working days.
Scope & mockup
For the agreed feature, we will prepare technical requirements, scope of work and mockup in order to realize that feature with the expected result.
Our specialists will work towards the task as their own to assure the highest quality and deliver the feature on time. Within the development stage, we will always be in touch not to miss a thing.
We will hold a presentation of the finished feature during which you will test how it works and whether it meets your requirements. We will discuss all the visual and technical aspects and advise on how is better to develop your product further.
We will provide you all the code and manuals on how to launch your feature. We will also deploy it to the chosen hosting under your domain so that you will be able to collect customers' feedback and attract investors immediately.
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