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Here we share our expertise on custom web development, IT outsourcing, and other matters that we are knowledgeable about.

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Custom Shopify Automation for Your Business

E-commerce today has become so frequent that it has become almost a standard chain of stores, where most people make purchases. But even online stores are trying to save money by becoming drop shippers and more working on additional implementations, rather than on the maintenance and payment of huge storage spaces.

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Web Summit is a readiness to unlock the potential

Only seven years and the Web Summit has already won the highest popularity among the representatives of the tech industry. But today not just techies are coming there, but also representatives of politics, fashion, and show business. Let's take a look at the highlights one of the most exciting events of the year.

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Tests as Must Have for Complex Projects

Development in its pure form is not only writing code, but also a number of manipulations that are necessary for its correct and timely work. Testing in development takes the lion's share of both time and resources, but proper testing will bring only time savings and the best result for the client.

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