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These days, both marketing tricks and trendy technological solutions are used to attract customers. Mobile application development has become a popular way to attract a growing number of smartphone users, the one that's already proven its effectiveness.Get your own mobile app today, and see the profit it brings to your business yourself!We've got a wide range of techniques, as well as a profound experience in the field of web development, creating scripts, design, and layout, creating sophisticated applications using different methods and languages.You can always contact our technical experts to get qualified advice and select the most appropriate solution.

The Stages of App Development Services

Web Development Main Stages:

web development services
  • Writing a brief;
  • Conducting market analysis;
  • Developing a prototype of a project;
  • Developing a design concept;
  • Designing a layout;
  • The programming itself;
  • Setting up a server;
  • Creating content;
  • Testing;
  • Launching an app online;
  • Creating customer support services and keeping engagement levels high.

Due to the coordinated work of our team and our comprehensive approach to finding solutions for problems of any level, our company creates highly effective and profitable projects. Amoniac is capable of developing practically any web application for Your business, both from the ground up and based on pre-existing technical solutions.

web development services

Business Analytics and Identification of Your Needs

Any web application is an essential part of your business and its online presence. This is the exact reason why we prioritize creating products equally flawless on the inside and the outside. For any product, the main objective is to provide relevant services for its target audience, which means that your application has to be attractive, interesting, and useful for your clients. In order to achieve that, before we start the projects, we conduct a business analysis and monitor your potential and current clients. Then, we define and describe your target audience.

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Creating a Prototype and Conceptual Design

After we decide on your target audience, creating an impeccable prototype with an appropriate design is the next step. At this stage, we prepare multiple different solutions for our customer and explain how these solutions could be suitable for the target audience. We discuss every element of the prototype and edit our design until the client is fully satisfied with the end result.

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Enterprise Applications Development

We know why it's important for our clients to get their web application developed as fast as possible. Time is money, and wasted time means wasted opportunities. This is why after agreeing on technical specifications, we can guarantee the project will be completed on time. You can also count on our tech support and consultations afterward.

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Time & Cost

The time required for an app development depends on what functionality and level of complexity you'd like to get. Fill out the brief form, and our manager will contact you with a personalized offer. You can develop web applications in Ruby, Roby on Rails (RoR), Golang and other solutions. Web development depends on many different aspects, including your choice of a CMS (Content Management System).

Why should you order an application development at amoniac?

  • A project team led by a manager;
  • Cross-platform application;
  • Responsive web design;
  • Promotion services;
  • Warranty service.

Reasons to Order a Web Application Development Services with Amoniac:

  • Best web app development cases in North Europe;
  • 15 experts will work on your app;
  • We believe in a comprehensive approach in business;
  • We report our results on a regular basis;
  • Our current and former clients recommend us.
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