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How to Create an Application With Embedded Maps?

Navigation maps are a rapidly developing branch of modern reality. Their number is continuously increasing. Today, they have penetrated almost all areas of our lives; besides, they are continually improving, which is why they support us more effectively in many aspects of everyday life.

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How Digitalization Makes Business Life Remotely and How to Enjoy It?

Today, the digital world is included in every aspect of our lives, from how we spend time to how we manage money. He is changing the usual way of communication, entertainment, and new information. We are becoming digital consumers who are looking for products and services not in yellow pages, but in search engines.

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List of Top World Ruby's Conferences

Ruby programmers around the world are participating in an increasing number of conferences where they gather to share reports on unfinished projects, discuss the future of Ruby, and welcome newcomers to the community. At such conferences, new ideas are born and a lot of inspiration comes for real masters of their craft. Let's take a look at the list of the main events of the Ruby community.


Web Summit is a readiness to unlock the potential

Only seven years and the Web Summit has already won the highest popularity among the representatives of the tech industry. But today not just techies are coming there, but also representatives of politics, fashion, and show business. Let's take a look at the highlights one of the most exciting events of the year.


Programmatic Content Marketing in the B2B Segment

Good content makes customers loyal, forms a positive brand image, and raises sales in the long term. But it only works if content reaches its target audience. To bring together prospective clients and relevant messages content marketing platforms are used. Learn how they can improve campaigns of marketing agencies, media buyers, and companies.


Why Choose Ukrainian Developers

Ukrainian developers come 11th in the best programmers in the world ranking prepared by HackerRank. In addition, Ukraine is a perfect nearshore destination for European customers owing to its geographical location, similar culture, and competitive pricing. In the article, we’ll address the 11 most convincing evidence to hire a development team from Ukraine.


Why IT Outsourcing Is Not Scary

Information technology belongs to the most frequently outsourced functions. 26% of companies which outsource their IT functions do that owing to financial reasons. But except the economy, IT outsourcing offers a lot of benefits and serves as a driver for innovations. Learn how software development outsourcing can save money and raise business to a new level.

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