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Native Advertising. Features and Future

It happened to everyone that when reading an exciting and fascinating article, then suddenly you realize that this is not an article at all, but only a skillfully veiled advertisement. How can you feel at such a moment? Indeed, sometimes, what is read evokes positive emotions and forms a reasonable opinion about the advertised company. But it is also likely that you can feel cheated because you spent several minutes of your life reading an ordinary advertisement. All these are tricks of the phenomenon called native advertising.

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Correct and Efficient Vuex Using. Part II

In the previous part of the article, we devoted you to working with Vuex in some details. Here you can familiarize yourself with other components, as well as with the benefits of work and draw your own conclusions. Also, we will talk about different components, applications, and details of the Vue.js technology in our next posts.

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Correct and Efficient Vuex Using. Part I

Learning and using Vue.js is so easy that anyone can create a simple application using this framework. Even beginners, with the help of Vue documentation, can do this. Here we talk about how to use the Vuex state management library to develop complex applications on Vue.js and how to create something really cool on Vue.js.

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How to Integrate your Platform with Accounting System

The relevance of this article is due to the fact that in modern conditions, to improve the efficiency of the enterprise, it is necessary to improve the systems of accounting, tax and business accounting, as their methodological divergence leads to a complication and cost of accounting for economic activity, which negatively affects the mobility and adaptability of the enterprise to the external environment as well as competitiveness.

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How Step by Step Automate Instagram Bot

There are a number of tools for automating social networks that will help you save time and effort when marketing on social networks. Some of these tools are specifically designed for Instagram. Let take a look here how you can grow your Instagram followers with automation.

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Bookkeeping Optimizing on Shopify

Accounting required for any business, and it's especially important when you have a Shopify store. Choosing the best accounting software for the Shopify store is not so easy, but it’s a solution to spend time on. Because if you start selling in large volumes, you will not have time to sit and manually make your accounts. In this article, we will look at the essential useful tools for managing your accounting, through which you can decide to synchronize with any tool or order the development of your accounting application for your Shopify store.

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How to integrate Netvisor to Shopify and simplify the company's business processes

Thousands of new online businesses created daily. Dozens of different platforms work like real mega plants to meet the needs of humanity. In recent years, the Shopify occupies a leading position in the market and continues to gain momentum. Shopify's functionality is expanding rapidly, but sometimes even it's not enough. We want to show how you can integrate the accounting Netvisor to your newly made e-shop and what benefits you get at it.

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Facebook Ad Campaigns ways from Manual to Automotive

Based on practice, even the simplest data analysis can lead to a significant reduction in CPA. Advertising campaigns on Facebook are no exceptions and need to be optimized over time. Often under optimization, you can see experiments with different types of audiences and targeting. If you want to get more conversions within the same budget, then you should pay attention to a few crucial points that we will consider in this article.

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Custom Web Development - Making Dream Business a Reality

Custom development is different from commercially distributed software or existing open source software. Individual development either creates a new application or expands the functionality of an existing one and can be executed by its own or third-party developers.

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