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Here we share our expertise on custom web development, IT outsourcing, and other matters that we are knowledgeable about.

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Facebook Ad Campaigns ways from Manual to Automotive

Based on practice, even the simplest data analysis can lead to a significant reduction in CPA. Advertising campaigns on Facebook are no exceptions and need to be optimized over time. Often under optimization, you can see experiments with different types of audiences and targeting. If you want to get more conversions within the same budget, then you should pay attention to a few crucial points that we will consider in this article.

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Why we fell in love with Vue.js?

Implementation a web UI is faced with more and more complex tasks that require the use of more and more complex tools. The trend of leaving the MVC application architecture, as well as the desire of developers to use separate libraries for each layer of tasks, led to changes, against which the Vue.JS framework appeared and became popular. Let's try to understand why Vue.JS appeared and what problems it carefully solves.

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Most Popular JS Frameworks Overview

JavaScript is a multi-paradigm language. It supports event-driven, functional, and imperative, including object-oriented and prototype-based, programming styles. JavaScript was initially used only for client side. These days JavaScript is used as a server-side programming language as well. To summarize in just one simple sentence — JavaScript is the language of the web.

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How to Integrate your Platform with Accounting System

The relevance of this article is due to the fact that in modern conditions, to improve the efficiency of the enterprise, it is necessary to improve the systems of accounting, tax and business accounting, as their methodological divergence leads to a complication and cost of accounting for economic activity, which negatively affects the mobility and adaptability of the enterprise to the external environment as well as competitiveness.

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Why Choose Ukrainian Developers

Ukrainian developers come 11th in the best programmers in the world ranking prepared by HackerRank. In addition, Ukraine is a perfect nearshore destination for European customers owing to its geographical location, similar culture, and competitive pricing. In the article, we’ll address the 11 most convincing evidence to hire a development team from Ukraine.

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Correct and Efficient Vuex Using. Part I

Learning and using Vue.js is so easy that anyone can create a simple application using this framework. Even beginners, with the help of Vue documentation, can do this. Here we talk about how to use the Vuex state management library to develop complex applications on Vue.js and how to create something really cool on Vue.js.

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Bookkeeping Optimizing on Shopify

Accounting required for any business, and it's especially important when you have a Shopify store. Choosing the best accounting software for the Shopify store is not so easy, but it’s a solution to spend time on. Because if you start selling in large volumes, you will not have time to sit and manually make your accounts. In this article, we will look at the essential useful tools for managing your accounting, through which you can decide to synchronize with any tool or order the development of your accounting application for your Shopify store.

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Your company life before and after accounting automation

The manual work of the accountant went into oblivion. Today everyone makes machines, but, of course, controlled by a specialist. Although in our last project we have carefully worked on the topic of artificial intelligence and some accounting operations can already occur with little or no human intervention. Let's look at what systems we attracted, and what exactly was done to save time on daily routine operations.

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How Step by Step Automate Instagram Bot

There are a number of tools for automating social networks that will help you save time and effort when marketing on social networks. Some of these tools are specifically designed for Instagram. Let take a look here how you can grow your Instagram followers with automation.

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