Amoniac  is a digital compound of professionalism, outside-the-box approach, high-quality service and constant quest for excellence. Our formula is YS3 – Your Success cubed. Highly motivated and inspired, we split molecules of Impossible into atoms of Possible, Successful and Outstanding in our Laboratory of Success.

Web development

Let us build your web fortress. We develop custom web solutions that perfectly fit your business goals. Whether it is a simple or extensive, intuitive or complex website, online store, CRM/CM system or MVP development, we utilize trusted cutting-edge technologies that are easy and safe in use.

Mobile applications

Let us embody conveniency, speed and ease of use in your mobile app. We create productive and cost effective mobile apps with elegant design and conversion focusing for the most popular platforms - iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Our experienced engineers masterfully develop and perfect mobile software that conquers leading positions in iTunes and Google Play Store.

UI / UX Design

Let us blend impressive look and excellent user engagement in design. Our goal is to create a compelling look and user-friendly interface for your website or mobile app combining easy navigation, intuitive understanding and smart design solutions. Our team of skilled digital architects uses informative content and quality image to craft a well-structured, appealing and functional online platform.


Let us provide you with professional advisory services. We offer a wide range of IT consulting solutions for your web or mobile platform including data management and optimization, software/apps development and design, project management, systems integration, platforms migration, IT staff recruiting and training.

Online marketing

Let us lead your project to online marketing success. We develop custom interactive campaigns software, enlarge and manage your email database, build qualified exclusive leads, test and optimize your website in order to increase conversion rates, engage your visitors and transform them into loyal customers.

Audit and optimization

Let us take care about your online business. As part of our qualified maintenance program, we launch regular tune-ups to guarantee excellent security, reliability and performance of your digital platforms. Due to in-depth audit, we reveal and fix shortcomings, optimize your website code and production database, minimize technical risks and maximize your profit.