We Turn Your Ideas into Quality Code

Amoniac is not just an ordinary software development company. We work closely with you as a customer hand-in-hand from start to finish. We apply our technical expertise to implement your ideas in the most efficient and effective way. Unlike other organizations, we listen to your needs and requirements before coding and build the code you want, not what we think you want.

Web development

Let’s build your next web product together.

Web development is our core business: we create custom web applications from scratch, as well as conduct re-engineering of existing products. As a rule, we begin with MVP development and then proceed to the fully-functional product. We offer both back-end and front-end solutions applying such technologies as Ruby On Rails, Go, Angular.js, Vue.js and more. We approach every business as a unique business and suggest the best tech solutions that allow for the effective and efficient implementation with maximum functionality.


We’ll make your software solution responsive and user-friendly.

At Amoniac, we care about not only how an application works, but how it looks too. When designers are working next to developers, the synergy effect occurs, and a customer gets an appealing user-friendly product. Our Design Team has the creativity and experience to build simple-to-complex solutions for web applications including logo development, branding, and UI/UX design. We focus on easy navigation, intuitive understanding, responsiveness, usability patterns, and latest design trends.


We’ll share our knowledge and expertise to enhance your business’ success.

We use our strong technical expertise to provide customers with consulting services on all aspects of web development. Our experts can provide consulting and feedback on development and design issues, project management, systems integration, and platforms migration. We will recommend the most appropriate technology for a specific web application and advise how to optimize the performance of your existing code.


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Our clients

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