Empowering Business: AR and Engaging New Customers

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How do augmented reality applications change the business? The answer looks obvious, as since AR/VR was first introduced, it has already influenced the eCommerce, marketing, and gaming industry a lot. 2022 is a year of the metaverse, and market leaders have already implemented augmented reality solutions to increase sales, improve communication with customers and discover new platforms.

Nike has already launched a virtual market, various cosmetic brands allow you to try makeup using only your phone, and realtors can show you a new house while you are sitting on the couch.

AR became a practical business instrument in the last years. This article will discuss implementing augmented reality solutions to improve your business processes. Also, we will outline the best practices of using AR, define the most common types of such applications and briefly describe the critical stages of developing AR software.

How Does AR Technology Work, And Why Is It Popular?

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There are a few terms that can make you confused. Is there a difference between AR and MR (mixed reality)? Yes, as AR is relevant to what you do at a specific moment. In other words, it is a modification of the real-time environment by adding additional sounds and visual elements. The goal of the AR project is to provide a better user experience and deliver artificial objects into the real world.

The next point we will discuss is its popularity in specific industries. Drum researched that more than 42% of businesses reduce the time between product introduction and buying with AR tools. It means that augmented reality helps people learn and understand the product's advantages better. AR allows clients to try clothes or footwear in the app, walk through the building in VR glasses, and have a unique experience before purchases.

Here is how AR help to improve business:

  • ensure the unique experience of interaction with product or service,
  • help clients to choose the best product,
  • allows getting better training without risks,
  • provide better analysis is customer behavior,
  • reduce language barrier,
  • improve the quality of content,
  • make business viral.

The Best Cases of Implementing AR Technologies

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As we already mentioned, AR technology is beneficial to businesses. Moreover, the AR market will reach $1.8 billion worldwide by the end of 2025. It helps to navigate critical challenges and make a better profit for various industries. AR is essential for retail, education, marketing, healthcare, military, and other fields. This paragraph will point out the most significant AR cases.

AR for Healthcare

Augmented reality applications help get a more accurate diagnosis and understand patients better. For instance, some apps enable nurses to get an exact location of venus by projecting scanners into patient skin. Moreover, such projects became helpful for augmented surgeries, as it helps to reconstruct surgery and do some training to understand the situation better. It is a considerable step to successful surgeries.

AR For Landscaping and Maps

With AR technology, you can build something virtually and ensure its usefulness and view in a natural landscape. Moreover, it improves measurement techniques, as you do not need to do it manually. You can use AR and special software to calculate everything. Maps with augmented reality also are an essential step for tourism development. It will help tourists to be more accurate in reaching different destinations and learn more about places before visiting them.

AR For Military

AR makes military training more advanced. AR became a game-changer for military training, as it can create circumstances close to possible ones. For instance, soldiers can deal with different battle tactics and react to bomb exposure or other attack types using AR technology.

AR In E-Commerce and Retail

Probably the most frequent use of augmented reality we can see in the retail industry. AR is a great way to bring stores to clients. That is why so many brands run applications to help people try their products before purchasing. It works in Nike and Converse apps. Also, IKEA allows you to use virtual reality and put furniture into your apartments. There is even a clothing brand where you can borrow virtual clothes. Try it with AR technology, take a photo or video, and return to the app.

AR For Marketing

Another industry that benefits a lot from using AR technology is marketing. Marketing will be closer to clients and learn more from their experience. For instance, one London-based startup launched an ad to allow users to click the banner and observe the inside of a car with their smartphone.

AR For Real Estate

Real estate is a real winner with AR technology. People cannot see apartments or houses in real life because of quarantine or other restrictions, but they get an opportunity to use AR technology and walk from room to room sitting at the coach. Pandemic changed this industry and forced the market to find a new way of communicating with clients.

How To Build AR Application For Your Business

After you decide that your business will benefit from AR applications, you need to develop appropriate software. First of all, remember that the best way to get an efficient instrument is to cooperate with a reliable development company. But before you start the creating process, there are a few things to consider building an AR application:

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  1. Research your competitors. There is no need to develop something that has already failed. Learn from others - it will help you to reduce mistakes.
  2. Define the AR platforms that will fit your expectations. Moreover, you need to consider if you can code yourself. There are some platforms like Wikitude that require coding. But also, there are platforms where you can build AR apps without advanced coding skills.
  3. Build a 2D tracker and ensure a 3D model for visualization.
  4. Collect all the data you need for the AR model and create a unique design for future apps.


AR technology can be complicated to create, but at the same time, it brings a huge benefit to the business. In the next few years, the usage of AR applications will grow. Almost every industry can benefit from using augmented reality in their projects.

Amoniac OÜ has experience in creating advanced AR solutions for different fields. If you want to discuss implementing AR software for your business, contact our specialists.

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