Talk To Customers Everywhere: How To Improve Communication With Clients

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The way businesses communicate with clients changed in the last few years. The cause of such changes is related to new technologies that allow companies to ensure 24/7 customer service to their clients. It means that advanced communication has become a standard. Without qualitative communication, it is impossible to have trust and loyal relationships with clients.

This article will guide you through the best communication techniques to consider in creating an efficient connection with clients. Also, you will learn how the business can benefit from complete client service and how to improve existing communication channels.

Why Change The Way You Communicate With Clients?

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Every time you interact with a client is counted as a communication case. Have your clients changed in the last few years? Probably, the answer is yes, as people get a lot of new tech instruments and require 24/7 support from the company. They want to have a quick and effective conversation with a brand in any messenger and at any time of the day (as they switched to remote work and can live in different time zones). Moreover, we used to think about the importance of 24/7 communication with clients in the B2C sector, but the last practice demonstrates the same issues with B2B communication.

Besides, market research argued that more than 50% were ready to switch the company if they were not satisfied with communication. 78% of consumers are prepared to continue business with a company even after the mistake because of excellent customer service.

How to define that your company needs to rethink its clients' communication options? Here are the signs:

  • you are losing clients because of poor communication,
  • you can't understand your clients,
  • you do not increase the client base for a long time,
  • you use only one communication channel,
  • you don't have a communication history with loyal clients.

If all those things are about your company, let's discuss getting satisfied clients and building an excellent communication process.

How To Improve Communication With Clients: Step-By-Step Guide

Most companies manage all communication with clients by old methods, using the phone and excel files. Nowadays, there are many software solutions to navigate customer service and ensure that your clients are satisfied with your work. Next, we will discuss the most essential steps to improve communication in your business.

1. Add a live online support consultant.

Clients want to communicate with a brand using the same channels as everyday communication with friends. You need to allow them to contact you through social media, messengers, online chat, or phone. Besides, millennials and GenZ don't like to call, and they prefer to write a message and get an answer in the same way. Ensure various online communication channels for your customer support. Online support can collect all clients' interactions in one window. With advanced software, you will have the history of communication, manage the responses, gather all requests from different channels, and research clients' preferences in one platform.


2. Implement call back option

Even if your clients use phones for communication, it doesn't mean that they can speak with you at any time. You can add such an option for your clients to leave a contact and choose a time for a call back from the specialists. As a result, your client will get a call at a specific time and communicate with a specialist who can help with specific questions.

3. Add a video presentation of the team and products on your site

Sometimes you can solve some clients' problems even without contact. You can add a video presentation of your products to the website. Maybe it will help your clients get the information they are looking for. Also, you can add a video presentation of your team with an option of scheduled video calls. It will be an excellent point for trusting relationships with customers.

4. Provide integration with chatbots in the service

AI and machine learning technologies also improve customer service a lot with chatbots. Robots ensure 24/7 communication with clients and can answer common questions, get payment, or place orders. With chatbot service, people also can schedule appointments or calls with specialists. Advanced bots can recognize speech and predict the client's behavior and future requests. Moreover, chatbots use algorithms to find the most fitting answer for customers and learn from the previous interactions to improve communication.

5. Use social networks to share your news


In 2022 you can not ignore the influence of social media on the client's behavior. It means that you need to communicate with your clients on every platform they use. First, you need to research your targets to understand where they spend more time. LinkedIn can be for the B2B sector or Instagram if your clients are millennials. The most important thing in communication through social media is to focus on comments and reactions. You need to communicate with clients, not only share your news. Apply social listening techniques, and be close to what people post about you.

6. Organize regular mailing letters with fresh, attractive content and promotions

You can think that people won't read newsletters in 2022. But it is a huge mistake. People don't like to get boring letters; they need something interesting, well done, with a unique brand voice. Ensure that your mailing system has data analysis tools. This information can improve your communication and create personalized emails. Newsletters can be an effective communication channel if you know how to make them valuable for your clients.

7. Run different questionnaires

Finally, you need to remember that good communication is two-way communication. It means that you need to hear your clients, understand them, and improve your business based on the research and communication insights. To know better from your customers, you need to run feedback questionnaires. It can be online surveys after each time people interact with the support team or weekly or monthly research on client satisfaction. Anyway, you need to ensure feedback for better communication.

Final Thoughts

Communication with clients is a complicated process. You need to use all possible channels, ensure 24/7 online support, learn from each interaction with customers, and solve their issues effectively. For improving this process, you can implement software solutions or hire a company to cover all customer service communication.

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