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Almost all business owners know that the first page in Google search is the best advertisement place for your organization. 2021 has brought new challenges for SEO, but companies continue to learn from search optimization trends.

This article will discuss the website optimization trends in 2022 and outline the myths you probably had about SEO. Moreover, we will share a step-by-step guide for businesses who start their SEO promotion. Amoniac OÜ's expertise in SEO can lead you through this process and engine your website performance.

Why Do You Need To Optimize Websites To Google?

There is no doubt that every new website should be optimized for Google. Without SEO, even the most beautiful and functional website will be buried on the Internet. No one will come for your products if they cannot find the website in the search line. In simple words, SEO makes a website visible for search in Google. At the same time, 2021 brought us new algorithms and trends you need to consider before launching the optimization process.

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SEO should be implied in three directions - inside, outside, and technical side. It is also important to remember that SEO is both technical and a creative process.

For 57% of digital specialists, SEO is the best tool for business growth. At the same time, Google used to update its algorithm for search, and SEO specialists always need to be aware of the latest technology trends. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss what makes your optimization successful.

How To Optimize Your Site In 2022?

Before we jump into practical recommendations and guides on website optimization, let's outline the specificity of SEO to Google. As you know, technical stability in website performance is essential for search robots and for the customers.


Here is a list of requirements for any search optimization:

  • A website should not have duplicate pages and content,
  • Robots.txt and Sitemap.xml files should be correct,
  • Site should use HTTPS secure protocol,
  • It should take no more than three-second to load a page,
  • 404 error page should be configured,
  • There should not be any broken links on the website.

There are the basic rules for optimization, but some are specific in SEO to Google. Let's discuss the most significant points.

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1. Mobile-first is the rule.

One of the Google SEO features you need to remember is the mobile-first algorithm. Google will rank websites with mobile versions better, as 60% of traffic came from mobile devices. Robots will evaluate and rank the mobile version first, and if your website does not have it, the ranking will be worse. Moreover, you need to ensure the usability and functionality of the mobile version. It should be UX/UI, easy to navigate, and have the same structure as its desktop version. Check if the content is correctly displayed on all screens.

2. Save time with AMP pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a page with open source code to ensure page loading speed. This technology is unique for Google, and you will get a better ranking if you have AMP pages. Those pages can load fast, even with a lousy internet connection.

3. Use understandable URL addresses and keywords in the URL

The website will rank higher if the domain and URL include key phrases. Moreover, URLs also should be legible and reflect the website structure. It would be helpful not only for search robots but also for your customers. It is also vital to engine the quality of pages. You can improve it by adding pass-through links or internal linking.

4. Post regularly and check your texts fit Google-style

The quality of content is still one of the most critical points in search optimization. Google ranks better longreads, unique texts, helpful content (any practical advice), existence of keywords in the text (but not spam). Google Freshness algorithm requires a regular posting on a website. RankBrain algorithm determines the sense of content based on its synonyms (and rank such pages better). BERT algorithm ensures the most relevant search result. It seems that in 2022 you still need to invest in quality content.

5. Form pictures on the website according to requirements

Another point in content optimization is graphic content, which is as important as text. Ensure that all images on your website have alt description (used for pictures indexation) and title with additional information (it will help your customers with a picture search). Moreover, you can use a sitemap for search optimization.

6. Create content with quick answers for Google

This tendency is known as Zero-Click results. If people search for something in question form, they can first see the answer from such zero-click pages. Usually, this block with the answer is in the ranking top. These pages should be optimized for questions. Usually, it is a long read with long low-frequency queries. It is also interesting that this content does not always link people to the website. It is often enough for them to read the answer in search results. But if they click the website, they usually spend more time there.


7. Add inner and outer hyperlinks

It is almost impossible to improve website position in Google without an inner and outer link profile. There are some specific approaches in link builder for Google you need to consider:

  • ensure more than one link to URL with keywords in the anchor and more than two links with some keywords;
  • the anchor should be readable and small (with 2-5 words);
  • consider the ability to dismiss external links with Disavow Tool.

Moreover, it is crucial to ensure not only the number of hyperlinks but also their quality. We recommend having at least two links in the text. The number of Inner and outer links should be almost the same.

8. Consider Regional promotion by Google

And the last thing you need to consider in website optimization is Google regional promotion. It means that the search results will depend on the user's location. Local businesses should also fill Google Business Profile, as it will upgrade the information on Google maps. It also can be helpful to add the area (the city or region) into the titles.

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Final Thoughts

Efficient SEO for the website can not be done in one night. It is a complicated process that requires strategy, investments, and ongoing efforts. Google algorithms reflect the latest tech trends, and it's essential to follow them for qualitative optimization. In this text, we shared the typical steps in website optimization to Google. Moreover, if you have any cases to discuss or need help with SEO, you can contact our specialists.

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