Why Is Ruby on Rails Still a Good Choice in 2022?


Ruby on Rails (RoR) was created decades ago, but still, it is one of the most popular frameworks for web development. There are some myths that it is already dying, but in this article we are going to ruin these myths.

Ruby on Rails is a productive, efficient, and reliable framework that has many advantages for developers. Moreover, famous websites like GitHub, Airbnb, Dribbble, Shopify, Twitch, and many others apply RoR for better performance.

Amoniac OÜ has vast experience working with RoR, and we will share our thoughts on the framework's future.

Let's look at this framework more precisely, define the benefits and best practices of using it, and discuss why it will still be effective for the next few years.


Why Ruby On Rail?

First, let's outline what RoR is. Ruby is a programming language created in the mid-90s in Japan. It was mainly used for web programming. Rails framework was built in 2005 as a software library.

Nowadays, we know Ruby on Rails as an open-source framework for application development with a set of benefits we will discuss next. In other words, it's a collection of code libraries to help developers with repetitive tasks in creating web elements.

Top Features of Ruby on Rail Framework

Ruby on Rails can be used for both backend and frontend development and allows the creation of complete software, applications, or websites. This framework also simplifies some dev operations. But those are not the only benefits of RoR. Let's define the most critical characteristic of the framework:

  1. MVC architecture. This architecture pattern is built on three parts - Model, View, Controller. If developers worked with other MVC architecture frameworks, it would be easy for them to use RoR.
  2. There is no need for Node and Webpack. The latest version of RoR does not require NodeJS or Webpack, and developers can still use npm packages. This new feature makes it easy to understand the process of making updates and changes.
  3. Encryption in the database layer. Another important feature that came to us with a 7 version of RoR. It allows you to make some database fields as encrypted with the encrypts method on ActiveRecord::Base. New RoR update ensures automatic encryption and decryption between a database and your application.
  4. Active record library. This library makes it easier to design database integration queries. Developers can code a request to a database on Ruby, and it will be automatically converted into an SQL query.
  5. Convention over Configuration. This function makes developers more productive, as they do not spend time on configuration settings.
  6. Simple testing tool. This tool allows you to test app functions by separately calling them. This framework also has a testing setup RSpec, which is relatively easy to learn and use. With RSpec, you will be sure that your app was tested conveniently.
  7. Automated deployment. RoR libraries save time and effort for app deployment. Every change into production can be made by a single line on the command interface.
  8. Simple programming language. It is one of the most significant advantages of the Ruby language. It is simple, flexible, and close to English. Moreover, Ruby is an object-oriented language. It is easy to learn, even if you don't have a lot of experience with programming.


Why Ruby on Rails Is Actual Framework For 2022

As we mentioned before, there are some myths that RoR is a dying framework. But Ruby is still one of the most popular languages nowadays. RoR is used to create thousands of projects worldwide. We defined the most critical arguments that illustrate the actuality of RoR in 2022.

  1. Regular update. It is vital to regularly update the language and libraries. RoR last version 7.0 improved some functionalities you can require for an application running. The RoR team is stable and works with new updates regularly. Is it a good sign that the language will live for the next few years?
  2. Huge community. The RoR community is growing, and it is an excellent illustration that the language is in demand. Why community meters in the case of programming languages? First, developers often need support or advice with custom application coding. Community is the best way to get valuable recommendations or discuss issues using RoR.
  3. Reduce development time. Another thing that makes RoR an efficient framework for developers is to have first results fast. Ruby is a clear and straightforward language, and it became possible to create MVP in a few months.
  4. It is used by big companies. The list of companies that use RoR is quite expressive. What is essential to understand is that if big companies use this language, it will not die in the next few years. In the following paragraphs, we will look more precisely at the best practices of using RoR.


What Is RoR Used For?

You should know that Ruby on Rails can develop various products. But there are a few types of projects that are the most effective. Let's look at them:

  • E-Commerce platforms. The reason companies choose RoR for e-commerce is its flexibility, cost-efficiency, and development speed. For instance, Shopify used RoR for most of their projects and successfully processed millions of requests for minutes. They also admit that RoR allows writing code fast, which is critical for e-commerce.
  • Social Network Apps. RoR supports traffic-heavy apps, and it makes this framework ideal for social network platforms, which need to manage a lot of daily transactions and property bookings. A great example of using RoR for building a network platform is Airbnb. They have used RoR since the very beginning. And they still utilize RoR as a significant part of their tech stack. The leading cause to use RoR for such platforms is development speed and scalability. At the same time, simple API development makes RoR efficient for such social platforms as Goodreads.
  • Streaming services. The efficient coding and stability of the RoR framework make it popular for streaming services. For instance, Netflix considers RoR an essential part of their infrastructure, including security applications and microservices. Also, Hulu uses the RoR framework for backend development.
  • MVP. As we mentioned, RoR can reduce the time of MVP delivery. That is why it is often used for this purpose. It also can be applied for creating prototypes for testing MVP functions before developing the final product version.

The Best Practices Of Using Ruby On Rails

We already mentioned many companies from different industries that use the RoR framework for their work. The number of websites that used RoR in 2021 was more than 300.000. And this number is growing.

Here is the list of the most famous big companies built with RoR:

  • GitHub - the most popular platform for code developers.
  • Airbnb is one of the most popular RoR web applications for traveling and booking rooms or apartments worldwide.
  • Dribbble - the popular network for designers that also use the RoR framework.
  • Shopify - one of the biggest e-commerce platforms that allow people to build, grow and manage a business.
  • Twitch - a video streaming service that focuses on the live streaming of video games.
  • Goodreads - it is another network, but this time is for readers.
  • Bloomberg - it is a hub for analytics and finance news. As we see, RoR is a good solution for complex databases.
  • CostTracker is an excellent example of how RoR can be applied to fintech software.


Final Thoughts

Despite myths about RoR, this framework is still one of the most popular for web development. This article defines the principles and advantages of using RoR and outlines the arguments for RoR actuality in 2022.

Amoniac OÜ has a valuable portfolio of projects developed on RoR. To get a consultation with our specialists, you can contact us.

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