Facebook Ad Campaigns ways from Manual to Automotive

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How to Optimize Your Facebook Ad Campaign

When it comes to advertising on Facebook, this is, of course, a real hype. But, regardless of whether you are interested in the noise around Facebook ads or want to customize your current advertising campaigns on social networks, now is an essential time for the world's largest social network.

However, achieving success with Facebook ads is not as easy as clicking a switch. From targeting specific users to finding the right ad format, many variables can create or destroy your campaigns.

That is why we have outlined the main stages of optimizing the Facebook advertising strategy. This article will look at the best practices of how to optimize advertising on Facebook step by step, which will help you raise your campaign to a new level. We will also look at how to avoid some of the most common mistakes for advertising on Facebook.

So, Facebook optimization means that your campaign results will improve. This is one of the key things that separates successful unicorn campaigns from the rest. If you want to reach all members of your target audience and get ahead of your competitors, you need to optimize your campaigns both before and after posting them to Facebook.

So, read on!

How to Manually Optimize Your Facebook Campaign

Our account is aimed at the planet Earth. If we take care of different levels of optimization, all will be right in our account and on our planet as well!

Planning and implementation of advertising campaigns is a process in which you constantly need to keep your finger on the pulse. Audiences burn out, creatives are fed up, the auction changes dynamically and the data oblige to analyze the results and make changes according to need constantly.

What to do?

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1. Optimize likes and posts on Facebook

Likes and posting on Facebook and in advertising are clear social proof. If others like advertising, then the product should be pretty good.

When setting up an advertising campaign on Facebook, there are two default options: create new ads for each set of ads and campaigns. Often the option “Use Existing Post” remains invisible. However, this is an incredibly effective way to optimize likes and post ads.

“Use Existing Post” allows you to collect all the campaign posts in one ad.

2. Use the FTO method

Sometimes it may take several days before enough campaign results are gathered to begin optimizing. Especially when it comes to small budgets, launching a campaign can take some time. That is why it is worth speeding up the optimization process using FTO tactics or fast take off.

Here is how the FTO method works:

  • when a new campaign is launched, a daily or lifetime budget is assigned that exceeds the planned budget
  • you can choose not to use Expedited Delivery since Facebook will focus on the speed of advertising, and not on quality and cost
  • after ads have more than 10,000 impressions, you can evaluate what works and what needs to be improved
  • after the initial launch of the campaign, you can reduce your budgets following the planned overall budget

It must be borne in mind that every time changes are made to a campaign, you must wait at least 24-48 hours before drawing any conclusions.

3. Optimize your Ad schedule

Analyzing advertising accounts on Facebook, you can see that there are always days and hours that are superior to others. You can use performance data from multiple Facebook campaigns to find the best time to advertise.

Then set up campaigns according to an individual schedule so that you reach your potential customers only at the moment when they have the highest potential.

Another reason why advertising campaigns should be carried out following an individual schedule is to reduce the frequency of ads. That is, people will see ads less often, and they will not get bored so quickly.

4. Fight with boredom Ads

The more people see the ads, the more boring they will become. It means that after the target audience has seen your Facebook ad four times or more, the cost per click will increase significantly.

So how can you optimize your Facebook campaign so that people don’t get tired of ads? Here is an easy way to maximize your ad fatigue:

  • create multiple ad options with different Facebook designs
  • set up an ad campaign with various sets of ads with different ads, and schedule each ad set to be active on a different day of the week.

This way, people will see different ads every day, and ads will not be repeated.

5. Optimize Ad placement

When you advertise on Facebook, your ad placement has a significant impact on advertising costs. So much so that the cost per click can vary by more than 550%, depending on the location of the advertisement.

To find the most effective ad placements, it’s best to go to Facebook Advertising Manager and use the Breakdown menu to break down campaigns into placements.

After you find the most effective ad placements, you need to continue to optimize:

  • increase bids on the most effective advertising space
  • if ad placement is below all expectations, merely remove it from the ad set.

6. Play with Facebook Ads bidding

Facebook advertising bets have a massive impact on advertising results. And if you need a victory over competitors in the advertising race on Facebook, then you need to master not only the brilliant advertising design and compelling copywriting. You need to know how to target your desired Facebook audience and optimize your ad rates.

You will compete with hundreds of thousands of advertisers to buy what Facebook sells: real estate in the news feed, Messenger, audiences and mobile apps for displaying your ads to users. However, three factors contribute to the display of your ad: a bid, a relevancy score, and “performance measures.” Thus, the highest bid does not always win, but it contributes.

There are two important conclusions:

  • trying to make a low bid, the campaign may not receive proper attention and not reach its goals
  • remember, you always get what you pay for. But do not worry about offering large amounts. It still pays the minimum amount possible at the auction for the delivery of ads

Today, with the incredibly rapid development of the Facebook advertising platform, modern advertisers have to face many bidding strategies: price per thousand impressions, price per click, conversion, daily unique reach, after-obligation, etc. These conditions are still important for understanding what you pay for and why.

7. Always A/B test Ad ideas

One of the critical parts of advertising optimization on Facebook is finding out what works. And what could be better for finding new, most effective advertisements, messages or audiences that run a quick Facebook A/B test. However, there is no need for A/B to test everything.

When searching for A/B testing ideas on Facebook, you always need to think about which advertising element can have the most significant impact on a clickthrough rate and conversion.

And this is from what is better to start testing:

  • advertising design
  • ad copy, headers
  • unique value proposition
  • advertising locations
  • call to action buttons
  • bidding methods
  • campaign targets

8. Test highly differentiated Ad versions

Many Facebook advertisers check too many ad items at the same time. But for the results of the experiment to be relevant, it is best to wait until you have 300 or 500 conversions per version. This expectation is unpleasant but more effective.

It is best to test 2-3 highly differentiated versions to find out which common theme works best. And it is better to take the winning announcement from the first test and consider its versions in the next test Facebook A/B.

It saves time and resources that would have to be spent on A/B testing several versions for all of the original ideas.

9. Choose the right Ad campaign target

The goal of the campaign tells Facebook what the ultimate goal of the campaign is and helps its algorithms optimize the display of ads for the best results.

It is imperative that the purpose of advertising on Facebook is correctly chosen during the campaign setup process, as it will determine the delivery of ads and the price per result.

There is not always an understanding of which goal of the campaign is correct, but it must exactly correspond to advertising goals.

10. Manage target audience

It’s crucial that your target audience is aimed at your audience to reflect the Facebook advertising funnel, which starts from the top most positions based on interests and demographic data, and narrows down to such highly professional customers as the Website Custom Audiences (WCA) redirect using dynamic ad products.

The two potent audience targeting opportunities on Facebook are Facebook Custom Audiences and Facebook Lookalike Audiences.

Facebook Custom Audiences

There are audiences based on visitors to your site, mailing lists, CRM data and much more. You can download a list of email addresses, phone numbers, or website visitors, and Facebook will deliver targeted advertisements to this audience. These robust targeting capabilities make user audiences a powerful tool for retargeting and even finding users that are similar to your most effective audiences with the help of Facebook Lookalike.

Facebook Lookalike Audiences

These audiences allow advertisers to target consumers who reflect or resemble their former or existing customers. After providing multiple datasets, Facebook learning machine looks for patterns and characteristics of your current users, potential customers, or clients, such as age, gender, or interests, and determines their similarities to other users who have not interacted with your business in the past. Facebook-like audiences have become incredibly famous among Facebook advertisers, as it allows them to reach an entirely new group of potential customers that they could not have found otherwise.

11. Audience interest management

Target your advertising, involving people interested in specific events, events, themes. This information will be obtained by the site, based on the fact that people post in their profile, as well as the type of pages and posts that they like. Expand your advertising reach by choosing various interests. Act on your convenience. Create audiences at the stage of creating an advertising campaign and pull them up while setting up targeted advertising.

You can select the “Customized Audiences” feature. It shows the bases that you collected during other advertising campaigns. If the audience turns out to be less than 100 thousand, then the advertisement will cost more. To expand your audience, add similar interests, that is, everything related to the topic. The interests of the audience should not be mixed but should be as close to each other as possible. If there are many audiences, then test separately. If not enough, then add everything on the subject together.

12. Exclude “converted” from target audience

Another way to expand your campaign reach without sacrificing your budget is to optimize your Facebook targeting. After all, it makes no sense to continue to show the same ads to a person who has already accepted the offer. These links should be transferred to the next stage of the marketing funnel and sent to new messages. It is here that you need to use the exclude function when setting up an advertising campaign.

13. Set auto-optimize rules

The Facebook Automated Rules feature can be used while adhering to all the set rules, and this is what it allows you to do:

  • disable campaign, ad set, or Ad
  • send notification to the advertising manager
  • adjust budget
  • manual bid change

For example, you can set Facebook to pause any ad that reaches five hits. Or reduce the rate for promotional sets with a high price per result. Also, set up an email notification to get an overview of the latest 24-hour automatic campaign changes.

But here you need to remember that you are the millionth Facebook user, which means that all your settings cannot always be made here and now. All analytics provided by Facebook is delayed and does not occur in real time.

How to Make Your Facebook Ads Automotive

The idea to entrust an optimization of campaigns to a robot is visited by any manager who is confronted with contextual advertising. Optimization tasks are the most effective area for computers. From this idea, many contextual advertising optimization services have grown. Every primary advertising agency has such a service.

Today, the best is the use of symbiosis of automated systems and a qualified analyst. The system offers solutions, and the analyst accepts them or not.

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Dozens of different kinds of advertising automation tools exist today for working on Facebook. Each of them has its functionality and is an integral part of the work of any manager of the Facebook platform, among them:

  1. PromoRepublic - SMM Automation Service
  2. FeedSpy.net - search for virus publications
  3. AdEspresso - advertising optimization
  4. Hootsuite - autoposting service
  5. Canva - picture editor
  6. Woobox Static iframe Tab - tabs creator
  7. random.org - draw by lot
  8. Tabfoundry.com - quiz tabs for contests
  9. Barometer Agorapulse - visual page statistic
  10. LikeAlyzer - fan page reports

Even this set of tools can make life easier, but what if you tie them all together in one colossal development that can be individually customized and engaged only in growing your business, but practically without manual intervention?

And how do we do it?

The Amoniac team can create absolutely unique Facebook ads optimization tool development. It can be not only for the Facebook platform but also for any other company or unique individual solutions.

And what can it bring to you or your business? The main thing is time-saving, budget optimization, tools for forecasting and media planning of advertising campaigns. It is what every and every manager in our world is fighting for.

A dream, right? But no...

We can create not only software for Facebook ads optimization but also for any other platforms all over the world:

  1. analyze large data arrays
  2. integrate with any platforms and marketing systems
  3. automate the process of optimizing advertising campaigns
  4. organize Facebook automotive targeting
  5. automate content delivery and automotive Facebook posts
  6. automate the process of monitoring the advertising budget, etc.

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Let's take a closer look at our advertising automation projects:


Paid media platform for the B2B market that connects personalized content with target audiences via the programmatic technology. Has own analytics system and integrates with the top marketing automation systems. Generates higher engagement and ROI. We developed a unique analytics collection system and were able to integrate Natify with the AdForm and Simpli.fi advertising platforms since they initially could not withstand the load. More about the project here https://amoniac.eu/works/natify


Excellent platform for optimizing advertising campaigns. It operates automatically 24/7, providing entirely accurate reports, which can be wholly trusted. The application can redefine the rules of the impressions, change rates and budgets, change hundreds of combinations, massively create companies, download content, etc. The app boost ROI, save time and generate more revenue by entirely automating natural ads campaigns optimization process. More about the project here https://amoniac.eu/works/adoptimizer


Content distribution platform designed for managing content marketing and native advertising campaigns. Delivers text, graphics, and video content to relevant media according to targeting settings and budget. Integrates with AdForm and Google Analytics. More about the project here https://amoniac.eu/works/calcus-tech


Working with the Facebook platform and advertising optimization is a continuous process of trial and error. Although this is not an easy process, it will save you a significant amount of time and resources in the long run.

Advertising on Facebook can be highly profitable and bring a significant amount of quality traffic if it is properly configured. Knowledge of all advertising opportunities opens up new horizons of development for business.

But remember, even if everything is fine with the campaign, it will not always be the case if you restrict yourself to manual tuning. Automation systems enhance optimization, help improve the performance of advertising campaigns. Many services charge a high monthly fee, but these costs pay off. The main thing is to master and apply all the functionality.

So, if you need help to understand if Facebook ads automation services can solve your main process problems or you need an application that works with other platforms that adapted to your needs, you can contact us directly by hello@amoniac.eu or +372 5770 7573.

High conversions for all of us!

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