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Natify Inc. is an international AI startup with offices in New York, Silicon Valley, Hamburg, London, and Helsinki, which brought the innovations into B2B advertising.

The Natify web application is a paid media platform for publishing sponsored content through the programmatic technology. It was designed for B2B enterprises that employ Account Based Marketing.

Traditional methods of inbound marketing in the B2B market demonstrate low efficiency at a high cost since the content is shown to audiences that may be not interested in it. On the contrary, ABM is aimed at the clearly defined set of targeted accounts.

The Natify app delivers personalized advertising content directly to those accounts by means of the machine learning algorithms and the sponsored content widget, thereby enhancing the engagement level greatly.

A B2B enterprise connects to the Natify platform, loads personalized text or video content, and sets targeting parameters. When a prospect loads his favorite site, Natify defines his interests and the buyer journey stage and shows him an adjusted article or video via the widget. Thus, decision makers of the key accounts get the right content in the right time. Content engagement is measured directly within the media, and the statistics are delivered to integrated automated marketing ecosystems.

Natify covers 80% key accounts during the first year of employment and helps acquire high-value customers faster and cheaper: owing to cost-per-engagement billing online marketing ROI increases up to 10 times.

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Duration2 months

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Timeline1 year

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Amoniac team8 Brains

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LocationHelsinki, Finland

Amoniac involvement

Amoniac has handled the project from the very beginning: we have created the prototype first, moved to the development and finished with the deployment of the working and earning product. We have developed the unique analytics collection system and managed to integrate Natify with AdForm and ad platforms since they did not stand the load initially.

The team covered back-end development on Ruby on Rails, front-end on Marionette.js and React.js, widgets on plain JavaScript.

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5 Ruby Developers
Inv front
1 HTML coder
Inv management
1 Product Owner
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1 Manual Tester


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7000Requests Per Minute

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20msAverage Response Time


Receipt Camera

Automated expense claims platform that records corporate expenses via desktop or mobile interface. Integrates with e-invoicing platforms of Finland, Norway, and Sweden. Accelerates reimbursement process and reduces accounting costs.

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5 Brains

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In development

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Helsinki, Finland



Proof of concept of the cloud Enterprise Resource Planning system for the international textile service company. Monitors and optimizes the flow of resources among divisions of the company. Has fast and user-friendly interface.

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1 Brain

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2 months

Location white

Helsinki, Finland