Zucaza application was created specifically for the Real Estate Market. It can generate advertisements, as well as retargeting them. Zucaza makes it possible to virtually abandon the creation of different types of ads manually, thereby significantly saving time, and redirect resources to another more desired company's way.


Duration1 month


Amoniac team4 Brains

LocationBrussels, Belgium

Project details

The application Zucaza was created for a Belgian advertising agency that provides services to companies operating in real estate. One of the main tasks is to optimize the work of managers of real estate agencies for which services are provided.

Our team faced the task of simplifying manual work and delegating it to an application that can fully or partially go over the massive flow of creating advertisements for new and existing customers.

The operation of the application is quite simple, but at the same time, it is capable of performing a vast array of work instead of several people. Login into the app, the manager gets into his Google account, which links to Google Adwords, with access to create advertisements. After that, the manager is given many options for creating ads, editing, and sending them.

In Zucaza, there is an option to create new announcements for a new target audience with the setting of a specific schedule of shipments and hits. The introduction of a minimum amount of information will be sufficient, while the system will configure and send messages to Google AdWords.

Also, the option of organizing the retargeting of advertising for customers who have already viewed some ads. Such potential customers are in the process of making decisions, or for whom the question of purchase will become relevant in a certain period, or the act of a price change. In this case, the application creates ads for those properties that the client was already interested in. In the case of any adjustments to the object, Zucaza will generate an advertisement itself and will show the client at the right time in its current form.

In the case of using the application, the manager does not even need to track the adjustments for the objects, Zucaza sees them and automatically generates advertisements and contacts with the client. It significantly reduces the time for processing and analyzing the database of contacts, and absolutely, all actions occur automatically.

Technologies used

Twitter Boostrap
Twitter Boostrap
Ruby On Rails
Ruby On Rails

Amoniac involvement

Our team has developed a project from scratch, received only basic instructions from the customer. The back-end is done with Ruby On Rails technology. The design and front-end are done with Twitter Bootstrap. Now the project is completed and fully launched.

1 Ruby Developer
1 Twitter Bootstrap/Vanilla JS Developer
Project Management
1 Product Owner
Quality Assurance
1 Manual QA


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