Cloud Checker

Cloud Checker is a service that allows you to analyze cloud services and optimize their use. Cloud Checker shows the possible amount that a user can save when switching to a lower rate, which does not affect the performance of systems that use this cloud account.

Cloud Checker

Duration1 month


Amoniac team4 Brains

LocationShenzhen, China

Project details

HPCD Lab is a company that optimizes the use of cloud services. Today, in this area, all suppliers annually report revenue growth of 50-150%. And the primary mission of HPCD Lab is to save the user's finances through really efficient and correct use of cloud resources.

Cloud Checker is an MVP project developed by our team to showcase to potential clients and investors. The main task of Cloud Checker is to demonstrate the possibility of reducing financial costs for customers. It is also an opportunity to receive analytical data that show where exactly there is an opportunity to save finances and resources.

The process of using is quite simple. After the Cloud Checker administrator has created a user account, the user must add their Alibaba cloud account to Cloud Checker. Then we get the CPU usage statistics for the accounts, as well as the costs that the user pays for the account. The processor load on each server also displayed in a convenient schedule, where the user can select the desired period. Cloud Checker not only extracts statistics but also analyzes for which servers the tariff plan can be lowered regarding savings. Users can also disable the server directly through the Cloud Checker interface.

The Cloud Checker methodology does not load private data, so security maintained at all stages. Service is independent of cloud providers. The solution is a docker instance with an internal web page. Logs and reports stored in their cloud provider. Today CloudChecker only works with the Alibaba Cloud resource, but in the future, it is planned to connect other resources like Tencent Cloud, Yandex Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform.

Technologies used

Ruby On Rails
Ruby On Rails

Amoniac involvement

Amoniac developed the project from scratch, having received instructions from the customer. The concept and design created. Cloud Checker development is involved Ruby on Rails framework. The main technical difficulty in the project was the setup of API from Alibaba Cloud for fetching.
For today, the project finished and the client already successfully uses it.

1 Ruby Developer
1 Vue.js Developer
Quality Assurance
1 Manual QA
Project Management
1 Product Owner


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