Supplier Portal

Platform for the online store operating under the dropshipping model. Connects to final suppliers and gift cards retailers through API or email and allows to process orders very fast. Automatically generates invoices and credit notes for ordered products.

Supplier Portal

Duration1 month


Amoniac team1 Brain

LocationMalmo, Sweden

Project details

ComBuyIt is a Swedish online store that sells gift cards and goods of other suppliers on its own behalf. It aims to gather all products that can be sold online in one place.

Supplier Portal is a platform developed for ComBuyIt. It connects the ComBuyIt store to other online stores and gift cards retailers through API or email. Its main purpose is automatization of the execution of the orders.

ComBuyIt operates under dropshipping e-commerce model. To be successful, such a scheme requires specialized software to ensure prompt data exchange between customers, online store, and suppliers. Since the store assembling goods of other e-commerce websites operates as a mediator, it shouldn't delay the purchase process.

Supplier Portal includes a number of integrations. Owing to them, the system processes orders from buyers automatically and very fast.

When a buyer places an order, Supplier Portal sends it to a supplier of the chosen product. The connection is realized through API or XML emails, depending on a supplier. The supplier receives the order, processes it and sends the purchase directly to the buyer. The portal also automates the process of gift cards generating. For this, it connects to Retain24, electronic gift cards system, through API. For all transactions, Supplier Portal automatically generates invoices and credit notes.

All data on orders stores in the dashboard: suppliers, products, gift cards, orders, invoices, insurance data, delivery terms, etc. The system of filters helps to monitor statuses of orders.

Technologies used

Ruby On Rails
Ruby On Rails

Amoniac involvement

The Amoniac company has developed Supplier Portal from scratch using the client’s mockup and documentation. They built the application on Ruby on Rails and ActiveAdmin framework. For data storage, they used PostgreSQL. The most important part of the project is integrations. For now, the developers implemented several integrations with online stores and gift cards retailers, and Nexmo cloud communications platform. They keep working on new integrations.

1 Ruby Developer


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