Klienditugi CRM Integration

The integration of the Klienditugi CRM system with the business knowledge and analytics market company Inforegister is made automate the process of company info update for CRM clients. The CRM system user does not need to spend a huge amount of time investigating counterparties data in various systems. Thanks to the integration, he automatically owns all the necessary information about their financial or any other state and can make a timely decision on further cooperation.

Klienditugi CRM Integration

Duration4 months


Amoniac team4 Brains

LocationTallinn, Estonia

Project details

Klienditugi is a company that provides their customers with ready-made solutions for increasing sales and optimizing marketing activities. The company also has a service to provide CRM systems with wide functionality, as well as their full administration.

Our team faced the task of synchronizing data between the client’s CRM system and the Estonian analytical company Inforegister, which has its database of companies and, being in a constant systematic process, owns the most recent data about all Estonian companies.

The integration process is quite simple. We collect each client CRM companies and contacts data, where each company and contact have unique identifier by which we always find up-to-date information about the company in the Inforegister database. All the changes are then updated from Inforegister to each client CRM.

Thus, for a CRM client, everything happens automatically and without additional research of the company's customers. The client not only frees himself from routine manual work, significantly saving his time, but also can take appropriate decisions to optimize work with the client, taking into consideration his current state, for example, saving money or investing in the right partner.

Technologies used

Ruby On Rails
Ruby On Rails

Amoniac involvement

Amoniac’s team having received instructions from the customer and developed a project from scratch. CRM integration development with Ruby on Rails framework, database by PostgreSQL, test framework by Rspec.
The project implemented integrations such as the Klienditugi CRM API and the Inforegister API.
For today, the project finished and successfully used by the client.

1 Ruby Developer
1 ActiveAdmin Developer
Project Management
1 Product Owner
Quality Assurance
1 Manual QA


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