Instagram Automation Tool

Instagram Automation Tool allows increasing the Instagram page rating automatically and, as a result, get new followers, the possibility of partnership cooperation, and account recognition among similar competitors. The app significantly saves the time of the owner of the Instagram account and suitable for any level's business.

Instagram Automation Tool

Duration6 months


Amoniac team6 Brains

LocationTallinn, Estonia

Project details

The tool allows Instagram users of any level to save their time thanks to automatic operations that replace a human function entirely.

The app was created for a European company, and the main task that our team faced was to create a powerful, fast, and smart bot that is ready to work 24/7 and maximally corresponds to the actions of a living person. This moment is critical in connection with the constant struggle of the Instagram administration with the massive number of bots in the system.

How Instagram Automation Tool works, and how it's easy to use? Initially, the user will be prompted to create an account, after which he directly gets into the application and starts working with a three-day free version use to familiarize and understand all the application operation algorithms fully.

The Instagram Automation Tool provides users with features such as:
tracking the dynamics of the bot and users
creating own list of exciting accounts by name, location, hashtag
creating a clear tool schedule according to productive hours of work
creating future posts with the function of preview and automatic publication
the ability to choose a package of services that will fully meet the personal needs of promoting account on Instagram.

The application also has the ability to feedback and works around the clock.

Technologies used

Ruby On Rails
Ruby On Rails

Amoniac involvement

Begining work with the project, the Amoniac guys received the existing design and terms of reference for implementation. To back-end were using Ruby on Rails and Golang technologies. To front-end are Vue.js and Vuex.js technologies. We made reverse engineering of the private Instagram API and fully integrated the application with the Instagram resource.
Work on the application continues, now the main functionality completed, but it will be improved with new features.

1 Ruby on Rails Developer, 1 Golang Developer
1 Vue.js Developer, 1 Twitter Bootstrap Developer
Quality Assurance
1 Manual QA
Project Management
1 Product Owner


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