Contakti is a Finnish startup located in Helsinki and engaged in SaaS business. The company offers the all-in-one web decision for customer support.

Contakti is a cloud-based customer support service that joins all communication channels in one place.

It is hard to handle users' queries effectively when they are coming from several sources. The time of answer is long, and the same request may be processed by different agents independently.

The Contakti helpdesk gathers all customers’ queries in one universal inbox and helps support agents process tickets fast and efficiently.

Contakti is a support service that launches in a browser on any device. It has a universal inbox, where all users' requests from different channels get. The helpdesk gathers queries through tickets, e-mail, feedback form, and social networks, namely Facebook and Twitter. In this way, support agents manage all tickets in one place. They can assign or transfer tickets, monitor due dates and priorities according to Service Level Agreements, and make internal notes.

The other important features are the real-time chat, SMS sending, callback service, and voice support.

Contakti has an inbuilt analytics of agents’ activities, which is visualized in graphic reports.

Already 5M e-mails have been processed through Contakti. The companies using it have reduced the reply time, raised the conversion rate and become closer to their customers.

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Duration2 months

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Timeline9 months

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Amoniac team4 Brains

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LocationHelsinki, Finland

Amoniac involvement

The Amoniac team has covered the whole development process, from the very beginning to the deployment of the working product. We have built MVP during the first two months, and then it took nine more months to add all the required features.

The backend part of the platform was built on Ruby on Rails, the frontend part - on Backbone.js using WebSocket Protocol to provide real-time data transfer and instant synchronization of tickets and dashboards.

Our developers have realized data acquisition through IMAP, POP3, Microsoft Exchange, and SIP calls; added SMS exchange and full-text search.

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2 Ruby Developers
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1 HTML coder
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1 Manual Tester


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Helsinki, Finland



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