Website card for the outsourcing IT company with custom-built CMS. Contains key information about the company for attracting prospective clients. Has fast and lightweight minimalistic interface. Made with love.

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LocationTallinn, Estonia

Project details

Amoniac OU is an outsourcing IT company that provides web development and UI/UX design services. The agency builds sophisticated applications and websites for a variety of domains using Ruby on Rails programming language and other modern technologies. Headquartered in Estonia. is a website card with basic information about the company, its services, and delivered projects.

The old website of the Amoniac OU agency contained few factual information to catch the attention of prospective customers. The UI-design was a bit outdated also.

The problem was solved by the complete redesign of the user interface and adding the new factual content. Now site visitors can learn the services and the delivered projects of the agency, and make an order.

The website consists of four sections: Home, Work, Contact, and Blog. The homepage includes information about the Amoniac agency and the services being provided, namely web development, mobile applications, UI/UX design, online marketing, consulting, and audit and optimization. It also outlines the technologies in use and the served clients.

The Contact page includes brief information about services, terms, and prices. There a prospect can request a consultation through the contact form. The Work section consists of case studies of the projects delivered by the Amoniac team. And the Blog section is to hold articles on web development topics.

Technologies used

Twitter Boostrap
Twitter Boostrap
Ruby On Rails
Ruby On Rails

Amoniac involvement

We have completed the project from scratch. We have made the website card for ourselves and covered all the development process from mockups designing to supporting. We have built the website on Ruby on Rails with PostgreSQL database use. It is extremely lightweight and has the custom-built CMS. In a little while, we’ll add the corporate blog integrated with social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. We are supporting and improving our website constantly.

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