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Custom Software Development Services

At Amoniac we deliver full-cycle software development services designed to turn your idea into reality and ensure your business growth. Whether it’s custom software, CRM, data management system or other enterprise solution — we got you covered. Offering a full spectrum of services, we provide a powerful combination of solid tech expertise, exceptional quality, and strong domain knowledge to drive your business success.

Top-Grade Software Development Solutions

If you’re looking to build innovative, engaging and turnkey product, Amoniac is ready to help. Over the years we helped roughly 200 clients to develop the most striking software solutions in various industries. We excel at fault-tolerant software development and deliver scalable integrated solutions unrivaled in functionality and quality. At Amoniac we base our approach on fully transparent communication, sticking to a core goal - bring the absolute success to our clients.

Front-end developer has to have several highly specific characteristics:

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Who needs this?

Off-the-shelf software products are often not able to meet requirements of complex business processes. Just because every company is unique. Moreover, traditional mass-market software isn’t able to handle all three important criteria: cost, time, and quality. That’s why many business owners would like their software to have some unique functionalities that can’t be fulfilled by the already existing product on the market. If you are looking to raise value and get competitive edge over your competitors, custom software should be on your growth schedule.

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Why go custom?

There isn’t a single mainstream software solution that can stack up to a customized product and meet your needs at a highly functional and accurate level. If you can’t find a right software that meets your requirements – build the new one. There’re many advantages in creating custom software with specific features:

  • Streamlined Operation Flows
  • Personalized Experience
  • Hassle-free Integration Process
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Easier Path Towards Scalability
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What makes us different?

Bespoke software solution is the viable long-term option and you need to choose the right partner before going down the custom route. Whether you are a startup or want to scale-up your business, we are ready to bring your vision to reality, guaranteeing a bulletproof output and transformative software. Our company operates in a collaborative Agile environment, which ensures that our clients feel like a part of our team, becoming deeply involved in the development process. Such an approach leads to highly dynamic and flexible solutions and overall satisfaction.

Full Range of Custom Software Development Services

  • CRM is a customer relationship management system that allows you to successfully control, plan and develop any client-oriented business. The integration of this software allows you to establish full accounting and control of processes within the company, as well as organize effective interaction with customers and partners. Development of a CRM system gives you the following benefits: reliable database of your sales, process monitoring, ease of use, sales productivity control.
  • Commodity Trade and Risk Management system development (CTRM) can be as simple or sophisticated as your business requires. We build custom software for trading, transaction, and risk management activities covering all functionalities related to the selling and buying of commodities. CTRM helps companies plan volume of purchases, track pricing, lead financial operations with advanced reporting, integration and more.
  • Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) Software is used to facilitate communication between suppliers and companies. This system is used to control all activities, including operational monitoring, strategic choice of suppliers, selection of new types of developed products, and evaluation of activities based on performance. The solution is focused on business processes optimization and total cost reduction associated with logistics and services procurement by enterprises of any scale.
  • Business intelligence (BI) is software designed to help a manager analyze information about his company and its environment. Modern BI solutions include: storage, integration, analysis and presentation of data. They provide automated processing of any amount of information about the business, which is vital for enterprise managers to make decisions in the face of fierce competition in the market. BI solutions increase speed and quality of work and ensures optimization of all business processes within the company.
  • Document Management System (DMS). At each enterprise, it is important to competently organize document management. We create systems for tracking and storing electronic and paper documents within companies to make the execution of important business processes transparent and efficient. If you want to automate work with documents, improve control over the execution of tasks and processes, Amoniac specialists are ready to solve those problems for you.
  • Custom Software (CS): If you are looking for an industry-specific, easily scalable solution, our team is your reliable partner. We offer full-cycle custom software development services for a wide variety of industry domains in a prompt and proficient manner. Our team has a proven track record in developing custom software for small companies, mid-sized and large enterprise organizations worldwide. As leaders in innovation, we build bespoke industry-specific software solutions tailored to clients’ needs.

Benefits of Custom Development Services

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The growth of your business comes up with new challenges. If your company is constantly growing, the technical solutions you use should be able to grow with you. And this is only possible through custom tools providing scalability, so your application won't be cracking down when you want to add a new feature.

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Web security is often underestimated by small and medium-sized businesses. Unfortunately, unsafe websites may be inaccessible, modified and stolen by third parties. However, there are effective web security solutions for protecting your data. Amoniac offers you the peace of mind you need ensuring security at all protection levels.

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When it comes to business software development, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. Traditional packaged software can’t compete with a custom software that has been created specifically for your company. When you have a personalized software that is aimed to do exactly what you want, it helps handle your daily routine.

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In Real Time

Whether you want to build an app for your current business, or you need to upgrade a system you are already using, we will structure the development process in a way that will lead to no disruptions of your daily work.

Customization seems like an obvious choice if you want to really boost your performance and improve user experience. We apply our best practices to create sophisticated enterprise software tailored to your business needs.

Custom software plays a key role in your company’s development and efficiency. Business operations can be complex and every organization has its own set of requirements, goals and challenges. At Amoniac we develop bespoke software products that help businesses boost profitability, streamline productivity, and cut costs. Our software development team works with companies willing to build complex solution backed on innovative approaches and expertise. We have the skill-set necessary to help your brand break away from clunky off-the shelf services and create innovative tech product which is specific to your business goals.

Bank on our custom software development solutions to automate complex operations, improve your security, accelerate time to market, and drive exceptional customer value.

If you are ready to see your software product come to life, don’t hesitate to reach out. Contact us so we can talk about your next custom software development project.

Work with us and you get the right team that will guide you through a digital transformation, with an unwavering focus on the end business goal.

Let's streamline your business with our custom software solutions!

Ruslan Dautov

The platform has already attracted both users and investors. Amoniac OU provided prompt responses and comprehended the job at hand quickly. They deftly handled geographic separation and had a deep understanding of project requirements.

Edin Turcinhodzic
Category Manager Sweden & Norway

A very very positive experience from working with Alex and his team. We are for sure going to work more with them and looking forward to close some more successful projects.

Olli Maila

I heard of the Amoniac development team from another Finnish company and their feedback was positive. I reached out to Amoniac, and our communication went very smoothly. So, I preferred them to several Finnish developers I was considering. The task I’ve placed before Amoniac was automatization of our content marketing platform. Since I’ve never faced any development process before Amoniac’s experience in that field turned very helpful. I appreciate their responsiveness and speed of delivery. I see the result and like it. Guys definitely deserve to be recommended.

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