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CTO role

A CTO is a leader of the team responsible for the development of new services or products, optimizing production productivity, managing development processes in project teams, employee training and professional development, and implementing and supporting various processes within the company.

Like all top managers, the CTO is responsible for the company as a whole, not for any of its products or services. But, if the CEO/CFO determines what the company is doing and for whom, then the task of a CTO is to ensure the efficient use and distribution of company resources, turning project implementation into controlled processes with predictable results.

A CTO’s focus is on the technical aspect of the product, its quality, performance, efficiency, reliability, and lifetime. The goal is to ensure that the company’s technology strategies are consistent with business strategies.

A CTO's responsibilities may include

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  • Defining the common strategies for development
  • The adoption of global solutions
  • Internal technical arbitration
  • The choice of technologies that will be used in a particular project
  • Evaluation of those technologies in terms of financial and time costs
  • Evaluation of the duration and complexity of projects
  • Planning and setting development processes
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  • Technical pre-sale of key projects
  • Management of technical risks of the projects
  • Communication with other departments and top managers of the company (CEO, COO, CIO, etc.)
  • Coordination of the work of departments
  • Technical interviews with new employees
  • Assessment of employee productivity and decisions on the level of their salaries
  • Employee training
  • Formation of a working atmosphere in the team, employee motivation
  • Debriefing with the team lead
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  • Formation of development teams
  • Distribution of tasks between teams
  • Tracking the progress of projects
  • Ensuring the pace and quality of development at the highest level
  • Selection and implementation of support systems for development and administration
  • Expert suggestions on architecture or specific technical solutions
  • Writing code, code reviews, refactoring

A typical CTO business day includes:

  • Analysis of reports of ongoing projects and staff
  • Telephone rallies with key customers and/or foreign management
  • Meetings with project managers
  • Meetings with the working group
  • Writing checklists and delegating tasks to the staff responsible for them
  • Consulting on analytics
  • Brainstorming
  • Engaging in their tasks on projects
  • Interviews with potential employees
  • General meetings of all developers
  • Coordination plans of the work process in the future
  • Team training

The time spent working with people is 60–80%.

The CTO position opens up new facets of the production process, making you think not only about the technical value of any part of the code but also about its qualities as a product and the prerequisites for the emergence of this quality. Also, much in this position borders on such "sensitive" areas of interest as politics, psychology, self development, motivation, self discipline, and philosophy. To become CTO, you need to develop as widely as possible in the technical field and be sure to follow the trends in the subject area of ​​the business and take the initiative in communication and organize teams, work, and communications. A CTO requires both a good technical background and soft skills. You need to able to communicate with people and speak the language of business while remaining goal oriented and results oriented. You must also have an analytical way of thinking and be a leader, ready to make decisions, and take responsibility.

Amoniac is ready to provide you a CTO will all that skills.

Tim Cameron-Kitchen
Head Ninja

We've worked with a lot of developers, and Amoniac is now our first call for anything our internal team can't handle. Fantastic responsiveness, creativity to think around solutions, and they took the brief and ran with it. Couldn't have asked for any more, and I have no hesitation in recommending them.

Fredrik Teir
CEO and Founder

When the Amoniac guys contacted me, I had the prototype that didn’t work as I expected and a lot of ideas to implement. We reached an understanding, and they allocated the development team for my project, which was really comfortable to work with. The guys re-wrote my mobile app and wrote specs on the existent code. They helped me filter and prioritize my insights and then developed new features. Now my app works as I want. I like the guys for their flexibility and openness for new ideas and suggestions. Always a pleasure to work with pros.

Olli Maila

I heard of the Amoniac development team from another Finnish company and their feedback was positive. I reached out to Amoniac, and our communication went very smoothly. So, I preferred them to several Finnish developers I was considering. The task I’ve placed before Amoniac was automatization of our content marketing platform. Since I’ve never faced any development process before Amoniac’s experience in that field turned very helpful. I appreciate their responsiveness and speed of delivery. I see the result and like it. Guys definitely deserve to be recommended.

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