Top JavaScript Trends You Need to Follow in 2021

Без имени-1 6_c.jpg Technology is changing rapidly, and new programming languages and frameworks are also evolving fast. At the same time, it does not mean that you need to forget everything you learned before and work only with trending languages for coding.

JavaScript was created in 90th, but it is still one of the most popular tools for building software nowadays. The number of JS frameworks is even difficult to count. It is evident that every person who works in programming needs to know and follow the latest trends in development. This article will focus on the newest JavaScript trends that will ensure efficient development in 2021-2022. We will briefly describe the most popular and influential trends, and share our expertise in working with JS.

What Influence JavaScript Development in 2021

There is a wrong belief that JavaScript is an outdated tool for developing advanced software. Let's discuss the benefits of the most influential JS frameworks. Moreover, you will learn new trends in JS and find how it can influence the frontend landscape in your work.

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React JS Framework

React library was developed by Facebook for fast maintaining fast-evolving traffic for their servers. It is used by Netflix, Pinterest, WhatsApp, and others. React is ideal for a single-page application and building small business apps. React Storybook also allows developers to build UI components outside the app that makes it possible to create UI from most devices. JSX files ensure easy reading and understanding of the app's code.


This language is promoted by Microsoft as a tool for expanding JavaScript potential. As JS does not restrict the types of objects, TypeScript was created in 2021 to solve this problem. Today TS is one of the most used languages, and it increases developers' productivity and ensures appropriate maintenance of codebases. At the same time, it helps to improve the quality and intelligibility of code. Moreover, TypeScrip can show the mistakes in the stage of program input. Broad usage of this language makes it an influential JavaScript trend.

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Vue.js Framework

The following significant trend is implementing the Vue.js framework in the frontend, as it is one of the most reusable and straightforward frameworks with detailed documentation. Vue.js 3.0 was released in 2020, and it increased the app's performance and improved TypeScript support. This framework became popular, as it uses virtual DOM and affords HTML templates. The new version of Vue also ensures large-scale support. With this option, developers started to use the framework for small projects and big ones.

Meteor JS Framework

The other widely used JavaScript framework for development. It is a convenient, reactive, and easy to deploy framework. It ensures spending less time on the backend. It allows frontend developers to operate backend properly without switching between PHP, Python, or other languages. It also makes Meteor one of the most accessible frameworks to navigate and learn. Moreover, this framework is high-speed, and it became possible to launch an MVP with Meteor in 3-4 weeks.

GraphQL for data managing

This language created by Facebook is also known as a query language. It provides a flexible syntax for querying data from the backend and frontend. It became popular for companies such as Coursera or Spotify. GraphQL ensures a fast data search, as in contrast to REST, it collects all the data in a single endpoint. It also increases the efficiency of the query, as it uses graphs for defining the data on servers. Also, GraphQl works with customized requests, which helps reduce complexity and focus on important information only. These features make GraphQl one of the most influential JavaScript trends in 2021.

Bit as a component-based architecture rock

The Bit is an open-source platform for organizing and sharing web components from different projects. This tool helps increase code reusability and collaboration between its parts. One of the latest JavaScript trends, atomic design, is used to be implemented by Bit. This instrument is easy for development and deployment and can reduce the cost, as it ensures integration of third-party components and divides software costs across the apps.


This magnifier can work with ES6 on the Babel framework. Babili is very flexible, and its modular structure makes it possible to use it as a preset or command-line tool. Another advantage is that Babili performs specific code optimizations for ES2015+.


This frontend framework has a component-based architecture, and its first version was written in JavaScript in 2016. The newest version of 2019 already uses TypeScript. At the same time, implementing this framework is also a JS trend of 2021. It is used by 15% of JS developers. It is not a lot, and it does not make this framework popular, but the popularity of Sevte will grow. It has a compact and readable syntax, ensures improved project performance, and benefits for small and medium projects.


Final Thoughts

As you can see from the overview, JavaScript is still one of the most functional languages, and it is definitely not dead. The influence of React, Vue.js, or TypeScript argues the popularity of JavaScript for backend and frontend developers. We outline the fundamental trends and results in JavaScript for 2021-2022 years. Our experience shows that there is no unique framework, and each of your projects will require another tool for efficient implementation. At the same time, you can always find the most matching tool for achieving your goals by learning the latest trends in JS.

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