How to Promote a New Site?

myriam.jpg It became apparent that every business needs to have a website. At the same time, it is not enough to launch a website. Your clients will not find it without search engine optimization (SEO) and promotion, as it won't appear in Google search. This article will outline the basic principles of promoting a new website that can help find a client, make a product well known in the market, and increase the website's invisibility by search systems.

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Pre-development Stage in Website Promotion

You may think that website promotion starts when you launch the site on the web, but in fact, you need to research and plan your SEO strategy before the development. There are a few points you need to determine in the pre-development stage:

  • What are the problems your website will solve?
  • Who are your users?
  • What are the advantages your competitors have?
  • What is the semantic core of the website?
  • What is the website structure?

Answering these questions will help outline the target audience, goals of the future websites, requirements for development. It also will help to build a site structure that is important for future optimization. If you ignore optimization before coding the site, it cannot be easy to promote it in the future, and in some cases, you will need to remodel it.

It is also vital to close your site from indexation while it is in development. You probably do not want the searching robots to index the empty pages or pages with destructive quality content, as it will influence the website search rating.

Moreover, it can make optimization more complicated in the future.

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Basic Steps in Website Promotion

Next, we will focus on the basic steps of website promotion and the best practices of search engine optimization as it is one of the most effective ways to promote your website and find new customers for your business.

#1. Create Unique Content

When you decide to promote a website, you need to ensure the unique content for it. It can be a company blog or a guest expert blog. Exciting content will help your customers discover your business, learn something they are looking for, and increase the website rank in the searching system. Blogs on your website will also raise brand awareness and present your expertise on the specific topic. It can also be interviews or videos with unique information or even Q&A pages with information about your products. Unique content not only increases the searching range but also makes your brand recognized.

#2. Use Strong Meta Tags

Meta description of your web pages is essential, as they will appear in search engine result pages. In other words, a meta description is like a mini ad of the page. Mata title and meta description must contain target keywords, have an optimal length for searching systems. Do not forget to add an alt tag for images indexation and H1-H3 titles with keywords. Strategically optimized meta descriptions will increase the click rate. For better optimization, you need to write a meta description for every page, and it must not duplicate the SEO title. Moreover, do not use quotation marks in the meta description but include value propositions.

#3. Use email marketing and CTA questionnaires

Nowadays, bloggers and content creators use to build a subscription model for content distribution. Direct email is still an effective tool to attract customers to your website. It proves that people open emails and click the links if the letter draws them. Another tool for website promotion is Call to Action (CTA) questionnaire, which is the best way to increase customer engagement. This survey helps to get more valuable information about your customers and improve the relationship with them.

#4. Use Social Media

Pages of your website on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Tik Tok can be an essential tool for engaging with your customers. On average, more than 30% of traffic for your website can come from social media posts. In this case, you need to find the appropriate tone of voice for each social media platform you will use. Also, do not forget about your partners and cross-platform links. Moreover, add a social media bar to your website to help new visitors follow your pages on the platforms they use the most.

#5. Integrate Website With Different Systems

After you launch the site, you need to integrate it with different online directories to improve SEO. For example, you can use a free tool Google My Business, Yelp, or Yellow page. It will help to index your site and give it a higher rank in the search. Add the site to search systems, such as Google or Bing, or submit the site to local catalogs.

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#6. Launch Promo Campaign

When the website is new, it can be helpful to create a PR campaign to promote it. It can be cooperations with influencers or bloggers who will share the information about your products with links to your website. It can be a giveaway to increase the number of visitors. Also, you can give promo codes for sharing the links to your website.

#7. Encourage Customer Testimonials

According to the data, 92% of customers buy online products only after they read the review. That is why it is essential to get more testimonials from your clients. It would help if you focus on a Facebook page review, comments on Youtube or LinkedIn. Also, you can ensure some bonuses for reviews, as Amazon used to do.

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#8. Provide Quality of the Products or Services

It will be hard to hold your clients on the new website if they are not satisfied with the product's quality and the content they get from you. Do not focus on the number of blogs, posts on social media, or the number of catalogs where you registered the site. The main focus is the quality and expertise of the content. It is the best way to build trust relationships with your customers.

Final Thoughts

We mentioned basic steps to promote a website. At the same time, you can also learn some special tips and tricks that can increase the index of your website. For example, you can buy a domain with a history, ask your friends and colleagues for a good review, or make a partnership with another business from a separate niche.

Anyway, website promotion will get you efficient benefits, such as increasing the number of customers and incomes, and as a result, the growth of the startup. In any case, your goal is to choose the strategy that will fit your business expectation the most.

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