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Shopify app development services

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Individual app development

Do you need special, individual functionality for your Shopify Shop? Together with you we design a tailor-made solution and develop your personal Shopify app.

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App Hosting

You don't have the resources you need to run your Shopify app, or do you prefer to concentrate on your core business? We operate your Shopify app on our flexible and quickly scalable servers located within your contry or European Union.

shopify app development services

SaaS integration

Are you running a web application, cloud service or other SaaS solution that you want to connect to the Shopify platform? We will develop the best integration app to help your employees run the Shopify platform with higher efficiency.

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As a web development company, we offer a comprehensive range of services within the Shopify ecosystem.

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App development & interfaces

The Shopify App Ecosystem is big, even huge. However, your business case may need applications that are not yet available on the Shopify Store. In such a case, Amoniac will develop your individual Shopify app so that your processes become more efficient. We are happy to help you with the development and implementation of your own Shopify app.

shopify app development services

Individual Apps for Shopify Shops

Your individual Shopify app. Shopify is one of the world's fastest growing e-commerce platforms in the world. Secure a decisive competitive advantage in the dynamic e-commerce market with an individually developed Shopify App.

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Our approach

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Every project starts with a road mapping at Amoniac, when we work out a technical concept together with you based on your idea and your requirements. Based on the road mapping, you will then receive a detailed quotation from us for development and integration at a fixed price.

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When the app for Shopify is released, we take care of it (possibly together with your team). Optionally, we also take over the hosting and maintenance of the app. Get a bespoke Shopify app created by experienced Shopify specialists. Nearly 10 years of experience in developing and customizing Shopify Apps.

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Based on the result of the road mapping, we develop your app. Depending on the scope of the project and the specific requirements, the app development is divided into milestones that allow continuous control over project progress.

More about road mapping of Shopify app development

Every software development project always involves a number of risks:

  • Cost risk: Badly planned tasks, the scope of which was not clear from the start, or have been continuously changing, can make your development budget get out of starting terms and volumes.
  • Problem risk: which problem really needs to be solved? Projects that are started without sufficient preliminary analysis often lead to the solution of the wrong problem.
  • General contract risk: Do contractors and clients alike even fit together in terms of their ideas, cultures, and working methods? Incompatibilities in one or more areas can negatively influence or even cause a project to fail.

Roadmapping minimizes it all to the zero.

Risks for you and us by clarifying important questions for project before the development starts is the key to success:

By systematically recording your requirements and designing a detailed solution proposal, we can be sure that estimation will be correctly set.

We make sure that we understand your problem and your goals correctly and thus solve the right problem unerringly. Because we understand your goals correctly, we can also design an adequate approach that is free from wrong hypotheses. The cost of road mapping, which is manageable compared to the actual implementation of the project, limits your financial risk.

Ruslan Dautov

The platform has already attracted both users and investors. Amoniac OU provided prompt responses and comprehended the job at hand quickly. They deftly handled geographic separation and had a deep understanding of project requirements.

Fredrik Teir
CEO and Founder

When the Amoniac guys contacted me, I had the prototype that didn’t work as I expected and a lot of ideas to implement. We reached an understanding, and they allocated the development team for my project, which was really comfortable to work with. The guys re-wrote my mobile app and wrote specs on the existent code. They helped me filter and prioritize my insights and then developed new features. Now my app works as I want. I like the guys for their flexibility and openness for new ideas and suggestions. Always a pleasure to work with pros.

Edin Turcinhodzic
Category Manager Sweden & Norway

A very very positive experience from working with Alex and his team. We are for sure going to work more with them and looking forward to close some more successful projects.

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