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Amoniac is a Ruby on Rails web development company known for its strong expertise in a niche
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RoR web development company Amoniac

Over the last five years, our Ruby on Rails web development company participating in the development of complex web services like HR Portals, Accounting automation, Advertising platforms, CRM systems, e-commerce stores, and many others. Our solutions have met our clients' expectations, and they continue working with us for many years.

Why Rais? Code Quality Standards and Ease of Support

The Rails framework prescribes a clear project structure. The principle of "agreement instead of configuration" allows you to achieve code that is easy and pleasant to maintain without costly overheads.

Ruby Developers

There are rumors that RoR developers are not easy to find or cost significantly more than their colleagues in the same PHP, although this is not so. There are much less low-level specialists in the Ruby programming community. But difficulties with finding professionals are roughly equivalent to those for Java or Python.

Corporate standards

Our development company adheres to a flexible development methodology that allows us to respond to changing requirements quickly. Automatic tools will enable us to maintain the quality and stable operation of web applications.

RoR web development team

Ruby on Rails is earning massive demand in today's web development industry due to its natural, fast & effective functioning and efficient maintenance compared to other frameworks and development platforms. At Amoniac, we have a skilled team of Ruby on Rails developers to meet various web development needs of our clients. Our Ruby on Rails web development company continually aims to produce high-quality web solutions to improve your business productivity. Amoniac is a software development company known for its reliable expertise in a niche. Our Ruby on Rails team creates and maintains unique, technically sophisticated, and high-load web applications. Do you have a BaaS / SaaS platform or a large e-commerce project? We are here to help and support your fast growth. We have assembled a talented team of programmers, designers, managers, and analysts to build products for you.

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What projects can be developing with Ruby on Rails?

  • Online stores with sophisticated filters, selection modules, integrations with external systems.
  • Coupon services, online shopping sites.
  • Information portals, e-publishing.
  • Exchanges, marketplaces.
  • Ad sites, dating sites.
  • Social networks.
  • Unusual/non-standard, technically complex projects.
  • Services, SaaS solutions.
  • And just when you require quick and efficient web development.
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Still, why Ruby / Ruby on Rails?

At the moment, Ruby on Rails is the most advanced web development environment. Competitors' solutions lag on average by 2-3 years: what is the standard when developing on rails now will be the standard in other frameworks and CMS only after a few years. If you require fast prototyping and deployment of non-trivial solutions - Ruby on Rails is the best option. Ruby is a modern object-oriented language that combines ease of development, advanced concepts of app development, and useful syntax.

It should also inform that Ruby on Rails provides better project security. When using RoR tools, SQL injection and XSS attacks are filtering automatically by the framework itself. The developer has no chance of making a security mistake (unless he intentionally "shot himself"). Some developers are not familiar enough with Ruby on Rails for some reason believe that web projects built on it are not scalable. The most commonly known example is Shopify - the best scalable e-commerce platform in the world.

So if you require the development or support and development of an online project on Ruby on Rails, then Amoniac is there for you. We can quickly help with the technical support and solutions of urgent technical issues of your project on Ruby on Rails.

Tim Cameron-Kitchen
Head Ninja

We've worked with a lot of developers, and Amoniac is now our first call for anything our internal team can't handle. Fantastic responsiveness, creativity to think around solutions, and they took the brief and ran with it. Couldn't have asked for any more, and I have no hesitation in recommending them.

Fredrik Teir
CEO and Founder

When the Amoniac guys contacted me, I had the prototype that didn’t work as I expected and a lot of ideas to implement. We reached an understanding, and they allocated the development team for my project, which was really comfortable to work with. The guys re-wrote my mobile app and wrote specs on the existent code. They helped me filter and prioritize my insights and then developed new features. Now my app works as I want. I like the guys for their flexibility and openness for new ideas and suggestions. Always a pleasure to work with pros.

Ruslan Dautov

The platform has already attracted both users and investors. Amoniac OU provided prompt responses and comprehended the job at hand quickly. They deftly handled geographic separation and had a deep understanding of project requirements.

Recent projects

An MVP Concept and Why You Need It

Many corporations today only a few years ago started their business with MVP. The only MVP allows you to take a look in a very short period how your business will move. By this way, you can notice at the first reaction of the target audience, see all the shortcomings, and exactly decide how to proceed further: develop the idea and invest in or completely modify it in an absolutely different product.


List of Top World Ruby's Conferences

Ruby programmers around the world are participating in an increasing number of conferences where they gather to share reports on unfinished projects, discuss the future of Ruby, and welcome newcomers to the community. At such conferences, new ideas are born and a lot of inspiration comes for real masters of their craft. Let's take a look at the list of the main events of the Ruby community.


Why we love and choose Ruby instead of Node.js?

Choosing between Node.js and Ruby on Rails, when choosing a development platform, is a core decision. That affects how the project unfolds over time, and how much server resources will be needed. Both languages can support web applications of high complexity, but each has its advantages and disadvantages. Knowledge of these pros and cons will help to choose the best solution for the proposed project. Let's analyze in more detail and tell you about our choice and experience.

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