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Developing Custom Solutions With Go

Choosing the right platform is the starting point of any web development project. This decision affects the website’s performance, fault tolerance, flexibility, functionality, speed, and its overall cost. A possible solution is building your own content management system with Go.

The Main Go Advantages Are:

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It’s Faster

Being a compiled language, Go is also much faster. Golang apps can work ten times faster than if you used any interpreted languages while consuming way less storage.

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It’s A Compiled Language

Unlike PHP, Go is a compiled programming language. This is why the whole project can consist of just one executable file -- very convenient and time-efficient. Besides, during the compilation process, you can detect most of the errors which would have to be fixed on the go if you used PHP.

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It Supports Parallelism

Go manages parallel programming with so-called goroutines. This approach makes it possible to create systems that can handle hundreds, and even thousands, of requests with the minimal server resources.

When Do You Need A Custom Solution?

Of course, modern CMSs (like WordPress, Kirby, 1C-Bitrix, etc.) offer multiple opportunities for developing corporate websites, blogs, online stores, landings, and other sites we use every day. However, these systems are not exactly fitted for anything besides turnkey projects – any outside the box functionality usually requires modifications to be made to the system’s core. Unfortunately, it affects the site’s performance and can lead to various errors. Besides, after every CMS update, all non-standard code will be deleted, and more time and effort will be needed to tailor the system to your particular needs again. That’s precisely why we advise custom solutions for all complex and unconventional projects.

Custom Solution Pros:


While developing websites, we keep in mind all of your requests to create a product, that will fit your business’ needs -- your site will be simple, intuitive, and easy to edit.


Upon your request, we can add custom functions to the website (it won’t take long): third-party API integration, collecting info from other websites, set up data encryption, and much more. With the whole system under our control, we can guarantee that all features will work reliably and adequately after any updates.

Efficient & Cost-Saving

High-quality code is optimized and tested to make the system less demanding when it comes to the storage space -- which means, you’ll save on web hosting.

Focus On Specific Goals

CMS developers are trying to do it all and create an all-purpose product, equally fitted for as many different objectives as possible. A custom solution is tailored to your specific project and doesn’t include any unnecessary modules.

About Go

We use Go (also known as Golang) for most of our custom solutions. It’s a relatively new (created around seven years ago) programming language by Google inc. Despite its “youth” Go is near the top among web developers due to its simplicity, flexibility, and variety of functions. Moreover, it’s been continually improving and gaining more and more possible applications. Not to mention that Go has multiple third-party libraries added by an army of supporters and enthusiasts.

Go web apps are harder to develop (compared to PHP or JavaScript on Node.js). Why do we use it, then? The reason is the unique advantages this language offers:

Sure, Go isn’t perfect. Perhaps, the biggest problem with Go today is a small number of developers using it, so finding a team for a Golang project can be a challenge. But this is not a problem of the language itself, but rather a temporary inconvenience that will resolve by itself as the Go community grows. Overall, Go offers so many advantages that we definitely recommend it as a primary solution for custom projects.

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Olli Maila

I heard of the Amoniac development team from another Finnish company and their feedback was positive. I reached out to Amoniac, and our communication went very smoothly. So, I preferred them to several Finnish developers I was considering. The task I’ve placed before Amoniac was automatization of our content marketing platform. Since I’ve never faced any development process before Amoniac’s experience in that field turned very helpful. I appreciate their responsiveness and speed of delivery. I see the result and like it. Guys definitely deserve to be recommended.

Edin Turcinhodzic
Category Manager Sweden & Norway

A very very positive experience from working with Alex and his team. We are for sure going to work more with them and looking forward to close some more successful projects.

Ruslan Dautov

The platform has already attracted both users and investors. Amoniac OU provided prompt responses and comprehended the job at hand quickly. They deftly handled geographic separation and had a deep understanding of project requirements.

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