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Back-end Development Services

Behind the facade of any site or mobile application, there is much meticulous work of back-end developers. Every data server request, interaction within the application, settings management, and much, much more are regulated on the back-end level. Without correctly developed algorithms, sophisticated approach to structuring, and precise logic, the site will remain just a collection of pictures and links. Generally speaking, back-end development services consist of the following application parts:

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The database

This is the place to store all kinds of data, history, settings, and log files. With database queries, you can access the stats and other types of reports.

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The server part

This includes the design of the server architecture, defining the internal logic and hierarchy of the components, writing the algorithms, and creating the overall functionality. Essentially, this part is the basis of any web application.

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The application programming interface

API - a set of services that allow the data exchange between the server, the front-end, the database, and third-party applications.

Every part of this work is essential and integral to the result. Regular users will not see any of the internal mechanisms created by the back-end developers, but these structures will account for 90% of a site's functionality.

Our back-end development agency performs the safety audit:

  • SSL Installation;
  • Setting up backup;
  • Proactive cyber defense setup;
  • Antivirus setup;
  • Penetration test.

Performance testing:

  • Stress testing;
  • Front-end optimization (PageSpeed, CDN, etc.);
  • Back-end optimization (including database);
  • Server setup and optimization;
  • Composition, caching, etc.
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Tech Support for Complex Projects

You've got a technically complex project, but have no one to bring your ideas to life or fix current bugs? You are searching for a team that can handle a large project? Contact our manager and ask if any of our experts can help you. If needed and possible, we can provide you with a small help (10 working hours or more) or put together a large team that will meet your requirements.

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Tools for Back-end Development

Choosing the development platform is the basis for subsequent work. The future system performance, response time, and the ability to react appropriately to user requests all depend on the platform. There's no all-in-one solution - you have to consider the type and complexity of the project. To pick the best-fitted tools, back-end developer has to compare the opportunities different programming languages, frameworks, and CMSs bring.

Back-end Development and Web Programming

Let's try to understand back-end development using a simple case (programming of an internet store). Here are the standard user actions followed by the application's responses:

  • Open Catalog - database query; display the data;
  • Proceed to Checkout - according to the algorithm, the system counts the shipping price, estimated discount, and clarifies the user's info.
  • Online Payment - the client is offered to use one of the available online payment methods.
  • Request a Callback - contact info of the potential client is passed over to a manager for further feedback.
  • Open Order History - database query using API; display the data.

As you can see, there's some serious automatization of various processes behind the demonstration of pleasant pictures. In short, back-end experts develop the core of an app, integrate it into different platforms, and ensure an uninterrupted connection between the server and third-party applications.

Back-End Development is Not Just a Code!

Long gone are the times when back-end developers only did the coding. In the modern world, it's not enough to have comprehensive knowledge of programming languages to be considered as an expert. Any smart student from the top university can code well but is that all? The back-end development includes the following:

  • Component settings;
  • Improving the quality of inner services;
  • Introduction of new frameworks;
  • Debugging;
  • Adoption of new algorithms;
  • Coordination with front-end and database experts;
  • Server monitoring;
  • Integration with the newer versions of third-party applications;
  • Quality control of the system's architecture;
  • Performance improvement.

These are just the basic activities of a quality programmer, not a full list of back-end developer's duties. An experienced developer combines the skills of a coder, engineer, and designer. Competence, reaction to unexpected

Edin Turcinhodzic
Category Manager Sweden & Norway

A very very positive experience from working with Alex and his team. We are for sure going to work more with them and looking forward to close some more successful projects.

Olli Maila

I heard of the Amoniac development team from another Finnish company and their feedback was positive. I reached out to Amoniac, and our communication went very smoothly. So, I preferred them to several Finnish developers I was considering. The task I’ve placed before Amoniac was automatization of our content marketing platform. Since I’ve never faced any development process before Amoniac’s experience in that field turned very helpful. I appreciate their responsiveness and speed of delivery. I see the result and like it. Guys definitely deserve to be recommended.

Tim Cameron-Kitchen
Head Ninja

We've worked with a lot of developers, and Amoniac is now our first call for anything our internal team can't handle. Fantastic responsiveness, creativity to think around solutions, and they took the brief and ran with it. Couldn't have asked for any more, and I have no hesitation in recommending them.

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