Amoniac Scholarship

For students in Scandinavia

Why we do it

Because we are passionate about web development! We are geeks! And we want to support other juniors geeks pursuing the same goal.Web development provides an excellent opportunity for young talented people to express themselves and work on new and innovative technologies that will make the life of all of us easier.Today we decided to launch a web development scholarships program to make a small contribution to the promotion of the industry, of which we are in the Scandinavian countries and Finland where most of our clients work.We hope that this scholarship award will give juniors who are passionate about software development the opportunity they deserve.

Key Information
  • 1000 Euros plus a Udemy online course
  • Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland
  • Deadline 31.03.2020
Eligibility requirements
  • resident of one of the countries, namely Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland
  • first-year student of a public or accredited private university at the sponsoring location
  • student of one of the programs, namely engineering, computer science, mathematics
  • minimum ECTS score for Math and Computer science disciplines of B
  • minimum average ECTS grade of C
  • code examples on GitHub
  • passionate about web development and write a motivational essay:)

How we review the applications

Our computer science grant for first-year students will be awarded based on carefully reviewing each application.The evaluation process includes preliminary processing, application shortlisting and subsequent review by the Amoniac board, which included CEO of the company and two leaders of our engineering departments.We will examine your grades and your essay and select a most pro-active student, confident about the career he or she decided. We welcome the individuals who already tried themselves working on some computer-related projects or studies.

For more information

If you would like more information or have problems with this website, you may contact us by email

*Note, please, that we request data about you, your education and your career vision, we also handle the data you provided properly (see Privacy Policy). Also, note that we reserve the right to contact institutions that you indicated on the application form to verify the data provided.

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